Monday, May 24, 2010

Same companion, Same area!

Wow that weather must really lo siento it’s always the same here hot and sweaty. This week for 2 days we had a monsoon I swear. The first night we barely escaped it. Imagine a huge microburst in Utah times it by 2 and make it Guatemala sized! It was NUTS. The lightning off in the distance before it hit flashed every 5 seconds or less. The sky lit up like daytime for half-seconds at a time, and again the next night. Other than that the weather has been as normal as ever.

We just had changes today. I’m in the same area with my same companion Elder Vargas. He is very happy about this. Apparently he loves this area, the house, the people, and me as a companion. Last night he told me how I was one of his absolute favorite companions (and this came to me as an incredible shock). He likes how hard I am always willing to work and he’s proud of how much Spanish I’ve learned so quickly. I really like the house too and the areas nice, but these last 6 weeks he hasn’t always seemed to friendly or patient with me so it was a real surprise when he told me this.

I really have learned so much Spanish here so far specially since being out in the field. I’m miles from being fluent but I can understand and I can speak pretty well. If I had to live here I think id manage pretty well. During changes today the elders that are going home all gave their testimonies, many of them did it in 3 languages!!

Spanish, English and kek`chi. I wouldn’t be exited to learn kek` but it would be so cool to come home with 3 languages, one of which not a single person in the United States probably knows the least of. I COULD SAY ANYTHING ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME. Crazy. Spanish is fun so far, but I still love English more. To me at least it seems like the words in English have a lot more power to them. This might be because I don’t know enough Spanish for it to be as powerful but we’ll see.

Ok time to lay down the law alright? If I’m sending a letter a week then you are too ok? (and also anybody else reading this I invite you to write me periodically on dearelder) it is a very, very sad week when i dont receive anything. and i will say that does happen alot. Sad face. I tried to send a letter 2 weeks ago or so with coins from Guatemala but I apparently can’t do that so you’ll have to wait till I come home to see some Guatemala money. Its cool, coins and bill like America but much more colorful. The 1 quetzals are green the 5s are red the 10s are blue and the 20s are purplish 50s are purplish too and 100s are red with other colors. Cool cool.

Mmmmm what else to say? no sé. uhhhh some random news! Hurray... my very good friend Elder smith got put with a companion whose name is...

Elder smith! Haha that will raise some odd questions. !hola¡ me nombre es agent smith y compañero es agent smith ¿como esta?


Well all for now! Love you all send me some love!

Elder Bronson

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