Monday, February 27, 2012

This is my last full work week

Wow that was quite an email haha
ohhhh one and a half weeks left, I’ve been doing pretty well not being baggy incredibly and there have been some mornings when I wake up or other things that happen and I get baggy-attacks but they leave after a few minutes. This week has been a rough one, not a single new investigator! Uh oh, but we did find a kid named Pedro who is inactive and fighting to become so. He was feeling pretty hopeless and started to pray to God for a sign of help and we showed up at the door and gave him some inspired passages in the Book of Mormon and he is pretty animated. I don’t know if I had already told you about him haha. Ok some of our investigators are coming out of their deep pits of difficulties. Lidias ¨girlfriend¨ left her and she was pretty torn apart from that but we helped her see that it’s all part of Gods great plan that she puts her life into harmony with the Gospel. She took it very well. Other investigators Alex and Diana who need to divorce from prior spouses and get married again are having some nasty money issues, poor Alex´s work only gives him the equivalent a little over 100 dollars a month and the divorce in and of itself is about 200. Other investigators have been highly blessed and prepared by the Lord so we will see what happens.

Today was a fun little adventure! we decided to have ¨breakfast¨ in Los Olivos, the sister missionaries area with them and two other elders at around 11 haha pancakes eggs and beans and frenchbread, afterwards we hiked over a mountain to find ourselves in a completely new part of the capital that none of us have ever been in, zone 6. We found our way out pretty easy but the clime! Ouch! Those poor people live on a mountainside and climbing the thing was tough. About 4 hours after started the picnic we found ourselves once again at Wal-Mart. hurray! This week we also had a pioneer activity that turned out pretty well. We started with games from the pioneers: stickpull, clothes washing rally, 3 legged race, sack race, tug of war and bobbing for apples. We then had a spiritual moment watching the 20 in long video of the Restoration about Joseph Smith, the primary sang some pioneer songs and all the missionaries gave their testimonies. We ended with a little bit of potatoes with cream and ham.

Hmmm what else to talk about? This is my last full work week, and next Monday is my last time writing you guys from Guatemala. I’m still pretty nervous about coming back, what will I do? Work, school, ladies...the complicated life. No more lessons with members present, to more stressing about contacting enough people or finding new investigators to put baptismal dates with. Just normal dates...hey I don’t really know about the citizenship thing, I would like to so to make it much easier to come back, but I have absolutly NO idea how to even do that. Sounds like something with a lot of time and papers... but if there is a way I’m down with doing it.

The package you send me got here but I don’t have it yet, the zone leaders still do, but I should be able to recover it soon enough to enjoy the most of it. I think I’m planning on taking Kori´s jacket home so I’ll have a coat still. Haha it’s really big but really warm. Que mas que mas? Well if I did something else that was cool I’ll remember it next week haha. Love you all can’t wait to see you all in the airport!!

keep the faith haha
ELDER Andrew James Bronson

Monday, February 20, 2012

baptism might just be a bit more of a heavenly miracle than I possibly had thought

Dang that’s a bit of a baggy email, I can imagine me crying out from the joy of seeing everyone again when I get back haha. To see everyone again...hmmm I’m going to keep working and we will have baggy times when I’m done. It’s honestly kinda strange that I see missionaries that have come to their last change and they are all saying that they are ¨baggy¨. I can hardly even imagine what that feels like, when things should put me baggy, they animate me to work harder! Even so, I do feel like the wimpiest member of my group, they are all so strong and I still feel like a little kid sometimes heheh...ooy

MOM! FORGIVE ME!  We went to central market today to buy a ton of stuff, (p.s. the money that came out of my account was me, the machine only lets you take out a certain amount and the other amount I thought was going to be too small) and I bought you a skirt...but I didn’t know you wanted a Corte skirt!  Those things are a lot more expensive, and a ton more flashy and I wasn’t sure if that’s the thing you wanted so I bought you a different type of tipica skirt, a native looking Guatemalan skirt but it isn’t Corte, nor did I buy you wipil, (the top part of the Corte) because I didn’t buy the bottom part, but oh well, sorry mum, the skirt still looks good.  Oh and Sorry to Elder Winkle also, I wish will all my heart that I could have been on the plane sitting right next to you, but there must be SOMETHING here for me to do, and I have absolutely no idea what it is. We´ll make up for it when I get back.

Well a crazy week, a lot of investigators are now facing a lot of difficulties, accusations of murder, lesbianism, 2000 Quetzal visas to pay for..Ayy baptism might just be a bit more of a heavenly miracle than I possibly had thought. Things go incredibly with Elder Moran, I’m so glad I can end my mission with him still. Plus, he has good music. Family, my camera is suffering the 2-years-in-guatemala syndrome and is trying to die, at the same time Elder Mendiz is offering to buy it because he doesn’t have one; I think I’m going to sell it to him, just to let you know. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to last anyway, poor thing.

Crazy happening, my companion stole the little bit of Capn Crunch that I had left and so I was chasing him around the house for it. At one point he ran into our bedroom and tried to slam the door behind him. Our door has little glass panels on it, and when I reached out to keep the door open my hand crashed through the glass panel! Miraculously nearly no more damage than a couple of light scrapes and a little cut in my left arm. Nothing big. I retrieved my Capn Crunch.

Last Wednesday was a very trying day, I was happy to see my friends again, but so sad to see them go without me. The worst was when I greeted Elder Hatch; he started talking about where we need to put our bags and what we were going to do that day. I had to tell him that I wasn’t going with them all, that I still was going to stay. I got kinda teary upon saying it so I fled haha my companion came and cheered me up. Next, the LAST TESITMONY. I cried, I admit it. Mom, your darn genes got me good. My testimony was pretty short, maybe 30 or 40 seconds long before I got too emotional and just said in the name of Jesus Christ amen. I love my group so much, we are so united! Thanks Elder Lusty for making sure that I wasn’t the only missionary to cry giving his testimony that day, but you were better about holding it together haha.

Mondays are now the most exiting day, I don’t know why but I’m always SO EXITED for email time! I get to talk with my family and friends; soon I will be able to do that whenever I want! COOL! something good that I’ve noticed is that since me and Elder Moran have been keeping ourselves healthier and eating so, instead of being in the mood for a snack and looking for something naughty, I just have cravings for fruit! Mango, especially green mango covered in lemon juice, banana, apple, pineapple (I absolutely LOVE pineapple now) papaya or whatever other kind that we have in the house. Eating healthy rocks!

Hey I would send you pictures but this darn computer doesn’t even have an usb port, maybe I’ll snag my comps computer, we will see. I love you all so much and hope not to cry when I step off the plane and see you all; it’s going to be crazy! I can’t wait! TIME TO PREACH THE GOSPEL
So much flippin amour

Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday the 10th, my 24 month mark my district threw me a surprise party!

News on changes - no changes! President couldn’t find a good place to put me in a trio of missionaries so I’m stickin it out here until I ¨die¨ mission-wise. We were originally thinking of going to central market today but plans fell through and I’m glad they did because now I know what to get you guys. Elder Moran will be staying with me in Santa Elena until having to bring in a new guy march 8th. Oh Feliz dia de cariño everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day.

An eventful week, Lusbin and Alma did not get married, in fact they have been having difficulties but we are planning big for them and putting our trust in the Lord. Turns out that Alma doesn’t really want to get baptized, Lusbin does but he’s the weaker link of the chain so we are going to try to bring them both into the fold at the same time if possible. We have many other baptism dates here and we are feeling sumamente bendecido highly blessed as we go about the work. as for baptisms in my mission they are few but numbers never counted.

This week has been quite eventful. With Max R., a giant police officer investigator we watched a Christian movie about some police who made an oath to be better fathers and husbands, the main police officers kid looked JUST LIKE BRANDYN I could hardly focus on the plot just thinking dang he looks JUST like Brandyn! Dang! Just like him!  We had been fasting with him so that he can receive an answer, we believe he has already received one but doesn’t believe it himself.

Oh here’s a good one- Friday the 10th, my 24 month mark my district threw me a surprise party! It was incredible haha they totally got me. Lasagna, desert, a piñata of Minnie Mouse as my ¨girlfriend¨ now that I have 2 years here in the mission and they made me propose.  Ughh I can't believe they got me to do that but the party was GREAT. The day before my companion had cooked me an incredible lunch as well. I have felt really blessed this week.

Last night we visited a member who gave us dinner and she told us about when she was sick. She has two kids on missions right now, one in Quetzaltenango Guate and the other in Peru. When the first left and the other was preparing she had gotten deathly sick.  She told us that when she was in the hospital she saw the spirit of a small child that told her to come with him, he followed her around all the time until she got better. She said that it didn’t scare her, but she felt happy, only telling him that her boys here need her still. She has recovered a great deal, much much more than the doctors thought possible. What blessings she must be receiving having 2 missionaries out in the field at the same time, wow.

Hey I have been thinking about my return day dinner and I think that I do want to go to Litzas Pizza, renting out the big ol party room just like what we did when Dad had his birthday. I have a lot of friends that are telling me that they can’t wait to see me again, I’m so exited for the 8th of March, it’s going to be an incredible day! Until then I have to keep working so hard! I’m going to open my mouth to talk to more people; I’m going to be praying and fasting a lot in these next 3 or so weeks, looking for my purpose in extending haha! It’s nearly time! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!
Elder Andrew James Bronson

Monday, February 6, 2012

I AM going to find this lost soul

My goodness mom can you try to make me baggier please?
Just kidding, but it doesn’t help seeing PARKER in an airport DANG.
Ok, no honestly I don’t know why but today I have felt a little bit more baggyish maybe for constantly thinking of how I would feel if I hadn’t extended the mission haha not a smart thing to think about right? Hehehe SO really you just helped me a TON mom, thanks so much. I was feeling a little low on animo until you wrote about that lost soul who is waiting for me and BAM!! SPIRIT!!! Mom, guys, somebody is waiting for me and I need to find him or her, my spirit sibling that needs my help! Wow seriously I just got some serious excitement going whooo! I AM going to find this lost soul. I’m also exited for the package, hope it comes before I leave...

Alrighty then about the clothes, I was honestly thinking about getting rid of all the old smelly church clothes and only bring one or two pairs, but as for p-day clothes I have a tiny bit. Let’s see, I have I think around 9 shirts (one of them my pajama shirt) and  one pair of long pants, one pair of shorts, one pair of gym shorts and one pair of pajama pants. Maybe 3 pairs of white socks, my original work-out running shoes that you guys bought me the day I entered into the MTC in Provo still in really good condition. My foot size has not changed, still a 10 1/2. Pant size, waist 30 length I don’t know, maybe 32-33ish...shirts a little bit smaller, tighter. I hope I'm going to be able to buy garments before coming home; they are a ton cheaper here. As for ties ooooie, maybe around 40 or more, if somebody wants a cool tie... today we went to the Megapaca a giant imported clothes store and I didn’t buy anything, I couldn’t find any other pants that fit me but oh well.  Hey I’m going to let you guys know that I’m selling my iPod to another elder who needs one pretty bad, it’s really old and sometimes a bit slow but it should work alright for him so I feel alright selling it. I will have to consegir uno cuando vengo...

Soooo another week FLYS by with Elder Moran and life is great working like crazy and laughing our heads off always. Last night we felt the spirit so strong!! We have a family who has plans to get married this Saturday the 11th of February but Saturday night Lusbin, the  prospective husband disappeared for the whole night and left his wife worried like CRAZY they had even committed to come to church but didn’t  because he didn’t show up until  Sunday afternoon. We asked him why and he gave us some sort of story about doing something with friends and not having time to come back to the house so he stayed the night, but we weren’t very sure haha. We taught him about agency, 2 Nephi 2:27 and wow it hit home.  Elder Moran bore his testimony of how  wickedness never is happiness explaining a bit about what he has had to go through repenting and the spirit was SOOO STRONG I cried, and so did they. They said that they are going to pray a lot from now on and work better to choose the right.

This week I did some baptismal interviews for the investigators of the Zone Leaders and the spirit was also strong, the spirit of discernment is something real, I testify. Right now we have 7 investigators with baptismal dates planed and for here that’s a pretty good number, not to boast or brag but just to prove that we are working. Can you guys believe that in 4 days I will have 2 full years as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? I have thought a couple times if it was truly what I needed to do ask for an extension and what it would be like if I didn’t but in the moment that I think that I have a strange almost fearful feeling knowing that there is something SO IMPORTANT that I need to do here even though I don’t completely understand what it is that God wants from me. I don’t know if they are going to change me to another area this last change or if I will stay here to see all these people get baptized or what. I will definitely be praying a ton these weeks before coming home.

I do honestly love you all so much I ask that you would all take care of yourselves and choose the right, read your scriptures, pray. You will all be blessed beyond your wildest dreams if you just put into practice the little commandments of Heavenly Father. I love you so much more than I can say.

Until next week
Please don’t freak
You will get a peek