Monday, February 20, 2012

baptism might just be a bit more of a heavenly miracle than I possibly had thought

Dang that’s a bit of a baggy email, I can imagine me crying out from the joy of seeing everyone again when I get back haha. To see everyone again...hmmm I’m going to keep working and we will have baggy times when I’m done. It’s honestly kinda strange that I see missionaries that have come to their last change and they are all saying that they are ¨baggy¨. I can hardly even imagine what that feels like, when things should put me baggy, they animate me to work harder! Even so, I do feel like the wimpiest member of my group, they are all so strong and I still feel like a little kid sometimes heheh...ooy

MOM! FORGIVE ME!  We went to central market today to buy a ton of stuff, (p.s. the money that came out of my account was me, the machine only lets you take out a certain amount and the other amount I thought was going to be too small) and I bought you a skirt...but I didn’t know you wanted a Corte skirt!  Those things are a lot more expensive, and a ton more flashy and I wasn’t sure if that’s the thing you wanted so I bought you a different type of tipica skirt, a native looking Guatemalan skirt but it isn’t Corte, nor did I buy you wipil, (the top part of the Corte) because I didn’t buy the bottom part, but oh well, sorry mum, the skirt still looks good.  Oh and Sorry to Elder Winkle also, I wish will all my heart that I could have been on the plane sitting right next to you, but there must be SOMETHING here for me to do, and I have absolutely no idea what it is. We´ll make up for it when I get back.

Well a crazy week, a lot of investigators are now facing a lot of difficulties, accusations of murder, lesbianism, 2000 Quetzal visas to pay for..Ayy baptism might just be a bit more of a heavenly miracle than I possibly had thought. Things go incredibly with Elder Moran, I’m so glad I can end my mission with him still. Plus, he has good music. Family, my camera is suffering the 2-years-in-guatemala syndrome and is trying to die, at the same time Elder Mendiz is offering to buy it because he doesn’t have one; I think I’m going to sell it to him, just to let you know. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to last anyway, poor thing.

Crazy happening, my companion stole the little bit of Capn Crunch that I had left and so I was chasing him around the house for it. At one point he ran into our bedroom and tried to slam the door behind him. Our door has little glass panels on it, and when I reached out to keep the door open my hand crashed through the glass panel! Miraculously nearly no more damage than a couple of light scrapes and a little cut in my left arm. Nothing big. I retrieved my Capn Crunch.

Last Wednesday was a very trying day, I was happy to see my friends again, but so sad to see them go without me. The worst was when I greeted Elder Hatch; he started talking about where we need to put our bags and what we were going to do that day. I had to tell him that I wasn’t going with them all, that I still was going to stay. I got kinda teary upon saying it so I fled haha my companion came and cheered me up. Next, the LAST TESITMONY. I cried, I admit it. Mom, your darn genes got me good. My testimony was pretty short, maybe 30 or 40 seconds long before I got too emotional and just said in the name of Jesus Christ amen. I love my group so much, we are so united! Thanks Elder Lusty for making sure that I wasn’t the only missionary to cry giving his testimony that day, but you were better about holding it together haha.

Mondays are now the most exiting day, I don’t know why but I’m always SO EXITED for email time! I get to talk with my family and friends; soon I will be able to do that whenever I want! COOL! something good that I’ve noticed is that since me and Elder Moran have been keeping ourselves healthier and eating so, instead of being in the mood for a snack and looking for something naughty, I just have cravings for fruit! Mango, especially green mango covered in lemon juice, banana, apple, pineapple (I absolutely LOVE pineapple now) papaya or whatever other kind that we have in the house. Eating healthy rocks!

Hey I would send you pictures but this darn computer doesn’t even have an usb port, maybe I’ll snag my comps computer, we will see. I love you all so much and hope not to cry when I step off the plane and see you all; it’s going to be crazy! I can’t wait! TIME TO PREACH THE GOSPEL
So much flippin amour

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