Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday the 10th, my 24 month mark my district threw me a surprise party!

News on changes - no changes! President couldn’t find a good place to put me in a trio of missionaries so I’m stickin it out here until I ¨die¨ mission-wise. We were originally thinking of going to central market today but plans fell through and I’m glad they did because now I know what to get you guys. Elder Moran will be staying with me in Santa Elena until having to bring in a new guy march 8th. Oh Feliz dia de cariño everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day.

An eventful week, Lusbin and Alma did not get married, in fact they have been having difficulties but we are planning big for them and putting our trust in the Lord. Turns out that Alma doesn’t really want to get baptized, Lusbin does but he’s the weaker link of the chain so we are going to try to bring them both into the fold at the same time if possible. We have many other baptism dates here and we are feeling sumamente bendecido highly blessed as we go about the work. as for baptisms in my mission they are few but numbers never counted.

This week has been quite eventful. With Max R., a giant police officer investigator we watched a Christian movie about some police who made an oath to be better fathers and husbands, the main police officers kid looked JUST LIKE BRANDYN I could hardly focus on the plot just thinking dang he looks JUST like Brandyn! Dang! Just like him!  We had been fasting with him so that he can receive an answer, we believe he has already received one but doesn’t believe it himself.

Oh here’s a good one- Friday the 10th, my 24 month mark my district threw me a surprise party! It was incredible haha they totally got me. Lasagna, desert, a piñata of Minnie Mouse as my ¨girlfriend¨ now that I have 2 years here in the mission and they made me propose.  Ughh I can't believe they got me to do that but the party was GREAT. The day before my companion had cooked me an incredible lunch as well. I have felt really blessed this week.

Last night we visited a member who gave us dinner and she told us about when she was sick. She has two kids on missions right now, one in Quetzaltenango Guate and the other in Peru. When the first left and the other was preparing she had gotten deathly sick.  She told us that when she was in the hospital she saw the spirit of a small child that told her to come with him, he followed her around all the time until she got better. She said that it didn’t scare her, but she felt happy, only telling him that her boys here need her still. She has recovered a great deal, much much more than the doctors thought possible. What blessings she must be receiving having 2 missionaries out in the field at the same time, wow.

Hey I have been thinking about my return day dinner and I think that I do want to go to Litzas Pizza, renting out the big ol party room just like what we did when Dad had his birthday. I have a lot of friends that are telling me that they can’t wait to see me again, I’m so exited for the 8th of March, it’s going to be an incredible day! Until then I have to keep working so hard! I’m going to open my mouth to talk to more people; I’m going to be praying and fasting a lot in these next 3 or so weeks, looking for my purpose in extending haha! It’s nearly time! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!!
Elder Andrew James Bronson

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