Monday, February 27, 2012

This is my last full work week

Wow that was quite an email haha
ohhhh one and a half weeks left, I’ve been doing pretty well not being baggy incredibly and there have been some mornings when I wake up or other things that happen and I get baggy-attacks but they leave after a few minutes. This week has been a rough one, not a single new investigator! Uh oh, but we did find a kid named Pedro who is inactive and fighting to become so. He was feeling pretty hopeless and started to pray to God for a sign of help and we showed up at the door and gave him some inspired passages in the Book of Mormon and he is pretty animated. I don’t know if I had already told you about him haha. Ok some of our investigators are coming out of their deep pits of difficulties. Lidias ¨girlfriend¨ left her and she was pretty torn apart from that but we helped her see that it’s all part of Gods great plan that she puts her life into harmony with the Gospel. She took it very well. Other investigators Alex and Diana who need to divorce from prior spouses and get married again are having some nasty money issues, poor Alex´s work only gives him the equivalent a little over 100 dollars a month and the divorce in and of itself is about 200. Other investigators have been highly blessed and prepared by the Lord so we will see what happens.

Today was a fun little adventure! we decided to have ¨breakfast¨ in Los Olivos, the sister missionaries area with them and two other elders at around 11 haha pancakes eggs and beans and frenchbread, afterwards we hiked over a mountain to find ourselves in a completely new part of the capital that none of us have ever been in, zone 6. We found our way out pretty easy but the clime! Ouch! Those poor people live on a mountainside and climbing the thing was tough. About 4 hours after started the picnic we found ourselves once again at Wal-Mart. hurray! This week we also had a pioneer activity that turned out pretty well. We started with games from the pioneers: stickpull, clothes washing rally, 3 legged race, sack race, tug of war and bobbing for apples. We then had a spiritual moment watching the 20 in long video of the Restoration about Joseph Smith, the primary sang some pioneer songs and all the missionaries gave their testimonies. We ended with a little bit of potatoes with cream and ham.

Hmmm what else to talk about? This is my last full work week, and next Monday is my last time writing you guys from Guatemala. I’m still pretty nervous about coming back, what will I do? Work, school, ladies...the complicated life. No more lessons with members present, to more stressing about contacting enough people or finding new investigators to put baptismal dates with. Just normal dates...hey I don’t really know about the citizenship thing, I would like to so to make it much easier to come back, but I have absolutly NO idea how to even do that. Sounds like something with a lot of time and papers... but if there is a way I’m down with doing it.

The package you send me got here but I don’t have it yet, the zone leaders still do, but I should be able to recover it soon enough to enjoy the most of it. I think I’m planning on taking Kori´s jacket home so I’ll have a coat still. Haha it’s really big but really warm. Que mas que mas? Well if I did something else that was cool I’ll remember it next week haha. Love you all can’t wait to see you all in the airport!!

keep the faith haha
ELDER Andrew James Bronson

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