Monday, March 5, 2012

It’s time to come home

Last email.
Haha I was honestly thinking of just writing see you later and sending only that, but I can’t even contain how I feel right now. With your emails and Brandyn's email I might have just gone off the deep end of all bagginess. Just kidding. This week has gone by fast, every day I surprised myself de nuevo by finding that I have a day less. No, in all seriousness I haven’t been very baggy in the least. Mom, I know you would like to hear that I did some crazy miracle or save somebody’s soul for staying a month longer, but I seemed to just work like normal. I do want to know and I hope that everyone is listening I do feel so very strongly in my chest that whatever it is that God wanted me to do here I have done with success. It’s time to come home.

I’m so happy to come home now, I’m so happy that Elder Moran was my last companion, that this was my last area and that I have so many loved ones waiting on the other side to see me. I saw President Watts yesterday in Stake Conference and he told me that Wednesday at 4 I will be downtown-game over. Just p-day and goodbye-day left and well...25 months and closing. Ok I’m going to try to stop sounding so darn baggy, although when we did do divisions with the Zone Leaders I woke up that other morning more baggy than ever, and the day after I had such a good dream. The dream consisted of me spending the entire night with you guys and with Brandyn, and when I woke up I felt refreshed and ready to go ahead and finish working, I had already spent time with you guys and now I could work. I have felt really happy lately, and really tempted to look at movies and things, but that won’t be for too long. Dang more baggy comments, sorry.

That’s so great that Scott was elected team captain of the VARSITY TEAM as a sophomore! I’m going to go gloat about it for 2 days until I come back. Elder Moran says you are all going to freak out when I get back and see how skinny I am. He offered to give me a tighter white shirt that isn’t so yellow under the arms so I look skinnier. Btw I got your package we used the glow sticks to make some cool nighttime pictures. Wow I’m really out of things to write, I guess I'll just have to tell you the rest...
Too much love,
Elder Bronson

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  1. WOW Andrew! It has been such an awesome thing to read every letter posted here. You are an amazing missionary and have done such great work! I know Heavenly Father is so proud of you. We are excited to see you again and hear you speak. Sorry I cannot be at the airport, but my thoughts will be there!! :) Have a great homecoming, WELCOME HOME ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!