Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly email time

Alright weekly email time,
guess what...
MY CAMERA CARD IS FULL and ready for sendin! I will hopefully get that sent this week on Thursday and you will see it.... eventually. But its worth the wait it basically holds the story of my entire mission on it, from Elder Vargas to hoy-today. Be exited!

comp situation the same, dreadful silence but at least it’s not hostile, just quiet. I listened to your tape recorder message again and you sent me a moment of silence in the house, not as much fun when its silence in a group but who am I to complain. I know why the Lord is sending me hard comps, it’s to help me focus and I think even motivate me to do all I can to. Really, it just seems like I'm out here with a ball and chain, if I were alone I think I might, MAYBE, do more I can’t honestly know, only God knows me that much. Every second I spend with Elder Whited is bliss, and makes me wonder what it would be have a friend as my companion. I've had friendly companions don’t get me wrong, but aside from Elder Bowman I just haven’t had the chance to really love someone as a good friend, with Elder Marquez almost, but we had a mere 3 weeks together and it was awesome.

Today we went to Central Market again but this time as a zone, I spent a bit of extraness on some cool souvenirs (not sure how to spell that. darn English) I bought a chumpa, basically a Guatemalan style fuzzy sweater with a hood, a couple leather wristbands and an absolutely amazing carved stone chess set with a Mayan Spanish conquistador theme, mostly for the art style!! The funnest thing of being there though was definitely swaggling for prices like a true pirate, I got some SWEET deals for my buddy Elder Letner, saved him some serious dough letting him buy a bunch of ¨requerdos¨ he’s just about to finish his mission.

As for the week and for the work not much has progressed. Hector Claveria continues to go to church and the Santiso family continues to be awesome, but not join us at church. On the 26th we contacted a reference written the 26th of February...2010! Exactly a year after haha but we winded up finding 3 new families that we are going to try to work with. They live behind a black door down in El Carmen, a more dangerous colonia but worth it? Down stairs nearly impossibly steep that descends narrowly about 75-100 feet or more! It’s quite a clime.

Oh I nearly forgot last Tuesday I gave the message to Helen that Sis. Winn sent. Helen said that I was one of the most beautiful presents anyone has ever given her, and wants to send a message back but we will have to wait until next week to get it to you guys.

Shane that’s amazing how you have gotten yourself into that habit! That’s one of the most important things to do, one of the most impactful things you can start, especially from such a young age. I didn’t start until seminary in 9th grade to read and pray constantly. Please keep yourselves safe, especially in sin city haha! Scott good luck in your game I know you are going to be great! Well much love as I always give, more than I can say.’s raining right now how random, just random heaving spurts right now and it’s so hot!
Until next week!
Elder Bronson

Monday, February 21, 2011

Alright family its time for another letter.

Alright family its time for another letter.
Here goes.
Guess who I saw just now!
Yeahhh! He’s still in Polochik but his companion had to come down here to go to the dentist so he was down here for a bit. And I got to see him! Woo!!! Someday we will be together for more than 5 min.

Hmm a good week overall. We went on divisions with Atl├íntida last Friday, I was with my really good friend Elder Whited and we had 24 hours of talking! was so amazing. Right now? Back to normal. Silence and a shadow of a companion but we’re half way through the change. I feel that just enduring to the end might be the best option, even if we don’t get many baptisms.

Hector Claveria is still being awesome and came to church again. We invited him to be baptized again and I believe he’s ready. He didn’t accept a specific date to be baptized, but we asked him to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon again. Our golden family Santiso at first wasn’t home when we passed by but on our way out they drove by our home and picked us up. We taught a powerful lesson on obedience, how it’s like the armor of God that protects you from the ¨fiery darts of the tempter¨ last chapter in Corinthians I think it is. With the Morales Chaves Family that was progressing nicely we had an appointment but we were being dumb and didn’t pass by until an hour late. When we passed by they looked really mad saying that had waited an entire hour, they had food waiting for us even and that Cesar had already left. Ugghh I felt so bad that that night I passed by a couple tiendas (street corner shops) and bought them some bread and chocolate bars, with a nice note and a picture of Christ. When we came by to drop it off they weren’t home so I hope they received it, I left it by the door. Well only time will tell I guess. As for my Comp the situation is about the same. I work and at least he follows. He could be such a great missionary if he just gave himself the chance.

Well there isn’t too much more to share this week I hope all is well and happy. I pray for your health and safety every morning and night and always for spiritual experiences. I'll get that letter to Helen; I've really seen her change a lot since coming here. At first she seemed really sad but we visit often, and I guess I just have that gift that people sometimes can just open up to me. We gave them extra beds and pass by about twice a week to share scriptures and help her feel better. She always tells us how much she trusts us and how happy she is that we are such good friends to her, some of her best friends.

I love you all have a safe week; I wish you more than the best.

Elder Andrew Bronson

Monday, February 14, 2011


Wow sounds like a busy week; we had some stuff going on too...but first of all HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


So haha yeah my year mark was spent doing divisions in Atl├íntida with Elder Primo, good friend of Elder Centeno and he’s pretty cool. Were not the BEST of friends but he’s cool. We ordered pizza and it was pretty tasty but as for super celebrations nothing incredibly exiting. More than anything I've just been more distracted than usual, for some reason it seems visions of being home or being in normal clothes or being on vacation much more frequently pop into my head and its a constant battle to punch them back out and stay focused on Jesus Christ. No worries, you all know me there’s no way in all Heaven, Earth or heck that I’d do something incredibly disobedient, or really anything disobedient at all. disobedience bugs me and makes me miserable and on the other hand being obedient and doing what I know I should makes me feel so full of love and hope that it doesn’t matter what else is going on I'm walking down the street with the biggest smile.

Hmm something funny was something last night. We left with our ward missionaries but they didn’t help much at all. They showed us to a house of one of their friends, better phrased ¨amigas¨ and they kinda just stood there talking to her for a while without so much as introducing us...aye we have a way to go with them but that’s not the story. First of all fate decided to play a little fun on Elder Centeno when out of her house a door opened and a small fuzzy white poodlydog (the most innocent thing since Charly) came out and began pee on Elder Centeno's pant leg like a fire hydrant! HA! It only got better as she had to leave so she gave the absolutely normal Guatemalan goodbye/greeting of kissing the cheek. She did it first to the two members we were with and I was next in line. Haha! She swooped in to gimmy a smooch and I nearly dived out of the way! HA! The entire crowd was laughing, I still felt ok for dodging something another missionary might not have...
Focus on the Lord.

Yesterday was also a very spiritual day; our last appointment was with the Santiso family that I've already told you all about. We arrived about a half hour late for...circumstances, but they worried that we wouldn’t come! They called our house number and were really sad...Ahhh investigators who recognize the spirit... When we came in they sat us down and gave us hot chocolate and cookies and breads. They were watching the end of some Japanese fish-monster story that was pretty funny with the japaneseness of it all. After the movie was finished and we had eaten our cookies, we sang a hymn and taught about ¨The Gospel of Jesus Christ¨ faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. Even though they are very catholic, when we invited them to be baptized Rosa said ¨well, you gatta get baptized¨ we put a baptismal date with them. All of them. 9 people, all AMAZING all GOLDEN all GOD-GIVIN. Not only them but Hector Clavaria came to church again for the third time, this time on his own and even though he was feeling tired and sickish he even took notes of the classes. He’s a definite candidate for baptism and a life-change.

Alright I’m in the process of writing more letters, don’t you worry. And congrats to everyone for getting your patriarchal blessings, it’s never a bad idea. In fact it’s an amazing thing to do and I would definitely suggest to everyone who hasn’t to as soon as possible become worthy enough (if you aren’t already) to receive one. Recently I had felt a little impression to pray for spiritual experiences for you guys. Shane, yours sounds a lot like mine, and yes it is something incredible, I read some of it this morning. The thing I think I like the most is the part that it includes...A MISSION. That is my expectation for each and every one of you boys, you have no idea how proud I will be of you all and how much it changes your life as well as the many lives of others. Once again a bad computer, no pictures but always another chance next week.

Much love, I wish you all safety luck protection and spirituality. Until next week when we write again.
Elder Bronson

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm still in Lomas Del Norte

Hey hey hey! Another week, another year!! That’s right, this Thursday guys and its over the half way point.

No, I did not have a change. No, my companion is not happy about that. No, my patience with his disobedience and undue dislike for me is not infinite. Yes, I am still happy with my mission. yes, I have been senior companion for quite some time now haha

I'm still in Lomas Del Norte, no baptismal dates but we have some possibilities, Hector Claveria came to church for the second time and loves it, but we still have yet to put a baptismal goal for him, or even talk to his family. another family, Morales Chaves family is very humble and they really believe what we teach, they accepted the invitation to be baptized but have yet to even come to church on Sunday so that might be a bit longer. Last week with the family we just found, Santiso, they are awesome as ever listening to us and wanting to hear more but are so active in the catholic church that they can hardly find time to come to ours... things will work out! I'm putting my trust in God that I will have more than just 2 baptisms for my whole mission haha Ahhh wow.  Would it be fair to point to certain companions or am I just not awesome enough to really help these people?

ANYWAY we’ve done some more jungle exploring as of late. Last week we went up to a waterfall and this week we went down to Los Pinos, a very poor spot in our area built nearly on the mountain side, we took a ton of pictures! I can’t wait until that’s an everyday thing haha, SOMEDAY! Someday I will serve with all my heart might mind and strength in the lush green of a new culture, how exiting!

As for spirituality this week it was a little low and it showed a bit on our amount of lessons and contacts. our animo percentage was the lowest its ever been with us two, 67% which is actually pretty good animo but really low for what we have been usually doing, going all the way up to 97% last week! That’s beyond being lucky and guided and it’s crazy to see a number like that.

In our area the son of family Balcarcel left on a little ¨mini-mission¨ like a trial to see if he was prepared to go on a full time mission, he came back just this last week. He’s just a little special, fairly normal except that he stutters like crazy and can flare into a rage and nearly any time, really a good guy but still much to learn right? Well he was born to be a missionary and wishes that he could spend every living second with us to the point of sleeping in our house, but that’s a bit against the rules so sorry Dario. The thing is haha that EVERYONE in this area knows him, EVERYONE and so having him with us is pretty cool, he shows us a lot of cool people to teach and every lesson counts and a lesson with a member present haha.

Nothing to crazy to report, or I guess anything crazier than the usual, crazy dogs, crazy people, crazy stories, and crazy stories about crazy people. The weather here has been absolutely PERFECT these last few days, yesterday was a perfect summers day that made we want to go swimming SO BAD, and today was a great summer’s lazy morning, always wishing I could send you some too! Well until next time my beloved readers and family, more love than I can express. Stay strong in the faith and always do what you know what is the right thing to do, no matter how much more effort it takes, the inner peace is worth more than a mountain of gold.

Sincere missionary love,
Elder Bronson