Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly email time

Alright weekly email time,
guess what...
MY CAMERA CARD IS FULL and ready for sendin! I will hopefully get that sent this week on Thursday and you will see it.... eventually. But its worth the wait it basically holds the story of my entire mission on it, from Elder Vargas to hoy-today. Be exited!

comp situation the same, dreadful silence but at least it’s not hostile, just quiet. I listened to your tape recorder message again and you sent me a moment of silence in the house, not as much fun when its silence in a group but who am I to complain. I know why the Lord is sending me hard comps, it’s to help me focus and I think even motivate me to do all I can to. Really, it just seems like I'm out here with a ball and chain, if I were alone I think I might, MAYBE, do more I can’t honestly know, only God knows me that much. Every second I spend with Elder Whited is bliss, and makes me wonder what it would be have a friend as my companion. I've had friendly companions don’t get me wrong, but aside from Elder Bowman I just haven’t had the chance to really love someone as a good friend, with Elder Marquez almost, but we had a mere 3 weeks together and it was awesome.

Today we went to Central Market again but this time as a zone, I spent a bit of extraness on some cool souvenirs (not sure how to spell that. darn English) I bought a chumpa, basically a Guatemalan style fuzzy sweater with a hood, a couple leather wristbands and an absolutely amazing carved stone chess set with a Mayan Spanish conquistador theme, mostly for the art style!! The funnest thing of being there though was definitely swaggling for prices like a true pirate, I got some SWEET deals for my buddy Elder Letner, saved him some serious dough letting him buy a bunch of ¨requerdos¨ he’s just about to finish his mission.

As for the week and for the work not much has progressed. Hector Claveria continues to go to church and the Santiso family continues to be awesome, but not join us at church. On the 26th we contacted a reference written the 26th of February...2010! Exactly a year after haha but we winded up finding 3 new families that we are going to try to work with. They live behind a black door down in El Carmen, a more dangerous colonia but worth it? Down stairs nearly impossibly steep that descends narrowly about 75-100 feet or more! It’s quite a clime.

Oh I nearly forgot last Tuesday I gave the message to Helen that Sis. Winn sent. Helen said that I was one of the most beautiful presents anyone has ever given her, and wants to send a message back but we will have to wait until next week to get it to you guys.

Shane that’s amazing how you have gotten yourself into that habit! That’s one of the most important things to do, one of the most impactful things you can start, especially from such a young age. I didn’t start until seminary in 9th grade to read and pray constantly. Please keep yourselves safe, especially in sin city haha! Scott good luck in your game I know you are going to be great! Well much love as I always give, more than I can say.’s raining right now how random, just random heaving spurts right now and it’s so hot!
Until next week!
Elder Bronson

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