Monday, November 28, 2011

This week included a bit of odd service.

Woohoo! Another glorious pday and time to email ahhhhhh.

Well thanksgiving here was completely normal besides telling everyone ¨happy turkey-day¨ and making them laugh. I’m still mourning over the lack of pumpkin pie, its kinda funny that it reminded you of me, Mom. Yes, I am losing my English, but that is just natural after having 11 different Latino companions for nearly my entire mission.

This week has also gone by really slow... as I have said the days go by fast, the weeks go by slow and the months go by even faster.  As of right now I’m fighting off a little bit of disanimation, but I guess that must be what the Lord wants be to be able to overcome in the future because it’s getting tougher and ever more confusing. One day good one day horrible and it all depends on his mood and how much ridiculousness he wants to pull. The mission president already knows about the situation but I’m even confused as to what to say to him because when it comes to climaxes the game always changes and I’m just losing my wits. Oh well, I’m capable of handling what’s going on, the only thing that bugs me is just planning pretty much by myself, and teaching pretty much by myself. I’m going to keep working.

This week included a bit of odd service. Near the neighborhood where we live there is a Health Center where one of our recent converts needed to go, but in the mornings the line gets HUGE. What was the plan? Us waking up at 3:45am to be there at 4 saving a spot for her in line until she comes at maybe 4:30 or 5. Want to know the joke though? We had to do it twice! The first time was on Thanksgiving and the doctor wasn’t doing the certain exam so we had to do it today also.  Though the sacrifice brings a joyful feeling, I hope not to have to do it a third time...I like to sleep.

This week I conducted my first baptismal interview as a District Leader! It was to a little 9 year old whose parents are active members but for some reason that they didn’t tell me he hadn’t been baptized until now. It was a great experience, so full of spiritual guidance. He pretty much knew all the concepts; I just had to clarify a few things about the law of chastity and the word of wisdom and stuff.

Hmmmm, what else to say? So many things happen every day but as ridiculously random as they are they seem so normal to me now, haha, that I don’t even remember them. One of the kids from our ward that hasn’t been baptized yet escaped from the house to go to church this Sunday with us, we had no idea that he didn’t have permission from his parents but they found out. His parents are inactive members who haven’t come to church in some time, but the father, Manuel, come to church searching for him. WE saw him talking to the bishop so we hope things will go alright, but the kid is going to be punished with a sentence of 5 weeks without going to church. Dang.

Well I’m as exited as ever to see you all again after this Christmas season, I love you all so much! Mom, now that you are done reading the Book of Mormon you should read maybe...yeah the New Testament. I’ve almost finished it in Spanish. Nearly the ENTIRE thing was written by Paul and he has a really strange style of writing in Spanish but I could understand. Its interesting to see how much is actually in the Bible.

Love you guys, please take care, until next week!
Elder Bronson

Monday, November 21, 2011

Did you guys know that J.R.Holland can speak a bit of Spanish?

Wow it is absolutely incredible just how big these boys are, imagine the change that can happen in someone in two years! That’s nuts!
No, you guys can send me as many pictures as you want don’t worry about bagginess; I’ve got that under control for now. We’ll see what happens during the Christmas season.
Well here we have no plans for Thanksgiving, we were thinking of doing something like a talent show with a little Thanksgiving themed buffet but we didn’t get it planned in time and the ward didn’t know too much, maybe for a different time with a different theme.

The families that we are teaching are doing well, some we are giving difficulty finding and others that are just prospering. Samuel B. has felt the spirit and wants to be baptized, he whole heartedly believes everything we teach him and he is putting in his part by reading and praying, we have another appointment with him tonight and I hope everything goes well.  His little brother and sister are also taking lessons but still not as interested as Samuel. This last weekend we had a stake conference (too bad it wasn’t a steak conference hehehe) but guess who gave the talks? Jeffrey R Holland, Dieter F Uchtdorf, Elder Clark from the area 70 and Sister Cook, adviser to the young women’s presidency. Every one of the 4 gave a talk with the theme of the family or the temple, understandable with the dedication of the Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple on the 11th of December. It was great. Did you guys know that J.R.Holland can speak a bit of Spanish?

Companion situation? Rrrrmmm this has by far been the most confusing change of my entire mission. I might be hard for me because I’m not use to having someone not be my friend after being in my dreamland of Coban with some of my best companions for so long. My last 5 were incredible, the best by far. Elder M. is doing alright and he is learning a ton, but little by little. More than anything I think he’s just making it difficult for me. WE had some ups and downs this week that have been pretty acute at points but nothing unbearable; I just hope to finish off my mission working harder than ever.

This week is changes but since we are in the training program we are staying together for sure. This is my SECOND TO LAST CHANGE and second to last planner to go with it. This change embarks Christmas and New years and ends right after. As for my district 2 sister missionaries are being taken out of their area and the area is being closed, I am not quite sure why but oh well, we will see what happens with the district then.

On Saturday we did some service cleaning out a part of a members house that had never been cleaned before, the people living there before had left a junkyard in that back room. We found a ton of spiders and cockroaches, one rat, like 12 virgin Marys and a bunch of other ridiculousness. Other than that nothing too big to report, I hope all is going well on your guys´ side.

So I’m not sure how to do it but I think we can to a video conference thing for our Christmas call, the computers here have cameras so maybe I can talk with mission president Watts or some leader type people to see if I can get it all hooked up, alright? as for sickness I have been a lot better this week, we stopped eating at the restaurant everyday and I’m cooking in the house now, I enjoy it 100x more and I can eat what I want more healthily. My companion? Ramen noodles and frosted flakes, poor guy’s ganna get sick but he refuses my help so there’s not much I can do.

Alright I love you guys way too much, can’t wait to hear from you this Christmas.  Sorry I haven’t sent you guys anything as a present but its kinda expensive to get from here to there haha...and I have no idea what to send. I’ll keep working on those tapes. The days go fast, the weeks go slow and the months go by even faster. Before ya know it!
Andrew Bronson

Monday, November 14, 2011

Family home evening idea on the subject of prophets


Alrighty then. The package must be the recorded tape I sent you a while back. I hope you all enjoy it. I bet my companion Elder M. will like anything you send him. Lately it’s been really tough with him he has these completely random spazmatic moments where he will say I don’t want to plan, you do it or we're not going to pray tonight because I don’t want to. Just simple little things but I think that’s WHY it bugs me. It’s so simple let’s just do what God wants us to do alright? Oh well, I’m fasting a ton right now, I think twice just this week. I’m kinda a weenie with patience in affliction huh? Haha...ooooyy

This week has also been a toughie work wise we haven’t really been able to find our investigators very well, they just aren’t home when we come by, but there’s no problem with that. We found a new family to teach called the Castillo Family and they seem pretty interested. We’re going to see what we can do about baptismal dates.

Last Saturday we did service chopping down some hedge in the back yard of a member; it was kinda fun I don’t like to miss any opportunity that I get to use my machete! Heheh. So Scott got a job huh? Way to brown-nose, Scott's got some pretty good cookies. I might try something like that when I get back haha...lately we have been eating in a restaurant instead of in the house but I think it’s been making me really sick, so I don’t want to go back. The food isn’t bad but since starting to eat there all the time it’s just been stomach pains and problems. I honestly like to cook anyway and would rather make my own lunch with the hour that we have to do it.

I don’t know if there are any ideas for the Christmas package, I don’t really need anything, but I do have a suggestion for a saved Christmas present for when I get back. I was guiltily talking with a newer elder about a game I was waiting for before the mission called Star Craft 2, if you get me something I’m not going to lie, I would definitely want a special edition copy of that game. Nerdy!

Family home evening idea on the subject of prophets, I was studying in a institute manual about the Book of Mormon and found it, and tested it in a FHE we did with some members subject ¨Have you ever wondered what makes prophets different that other regular people?¨  Start off by asking what are some characteristics of the prophets of old? What quality of people where they? (For example good leaders, humble, with a lot of faith and receptive to the Holy Ghost) Read Helaman 10:5,7,12 and 11:18 where God is talking to Nephi the prophet. What qualities did the Lord comment about Nephi and his work? Now, show a picture of the first presidency and the quorum of the 12 apostles and talk about how men like that exist even today, that God guides his church through these men of power and faith. Talk about how much the Lord wishes that we would all be like prophets. Eat a snack.  It worked out really well for us here, I felt the spirit powerfully and I know that you guys can too; this might help the boys learn a little more about prophets and their importance in our lives.

Well guys I love you so much and I wish you the best of the best of blessings. Nearly exactly 3 months left until I see you all again, los AMO!!!


Notice the toliet?

Monday, November 7, 2011

I think we touched some hearts

Alright email time yal,
notha week notha blessing notha situation but that’s how it goes down here in the mission. Last Tuesday was pretty fun, if the computer had compassion I would have sent you a cool picture but you guys will just have to exercise some celestial-virtue patience for next week hoping that a different computer will be more friendly. We contacted people from 2-6pm just passing out pamphlets of the Plan of Salvation and talking to people that they can see their loved ones after this life, some were really interested and some not so much but some good came out of it, I think we touched some hearts. Sunday was also eventful here; it was voting day for the new president of Guatemala, the options being Baldizon and Otto Perez. They received the news of the winner before the night was over, and Otto Perez is going to be the new president of the Republic of Guatemala, good luck pal you got a lot of work to do.

Situation with my companion is getting a bit tougher but I think it has to be like that always with new guys. I honestly love him so much but it’s one of those situations where well...not all is quite in its place yet, there’s so much more to learn on both ends I’m guessing. Santa Elena since my first time here has been an absolute refining fire for me. Since Elder S. and Elder V. to Elder M. with me as trainer and district leader.  Just a ton of things that are helping me a ton to develop much needed leadership skills and people skills, stuff that must be dang hard to learn somewhere else because it’s really tough here and this is the best time to learn.

It’s all turning Christmassy here too, at least in Wal-Mart just Xmas music and decorations and stuff, but they are the only ones so far.  As for new investigators we found an old investigator named Romulo who absolutely loves to read, he just barely finished reading completely the Book of Mormon! He also reads the pamphlets a lot and understands a ton, Elder M. was super awesome and put a baptismal date with him for the 19th of November, I think he’s getting close to being ready for baptism.

Well I’m sorry but it seems like the longer I’m here the less and less I have to write every week, but it’s all in my journal for when I get back I can remind myself of a ton of fun things for you guys. Next week I think we are going to Central Market to get some cool things we´ll see what cool junk I can find for you guys. I love you guys so much please say safe and take care, quiero que siempre sean espiritual y que hagan todos sus oraciones en la familia, requerden, siempre lean sus escrituras!
Los amo con todo me ser,
Elder Andrew James Bronson