Monday, November 21, 2011

Did you guys know that J.R.Holland can speak a bit of Spanish?

Wow it is absolutely incredible just how big these boys are, imagine the change that can happen in someone in two years! That’s nuts!
No, you guys can send me as many pictures as you want don’t worry about bagginess; I’ve got that under control for now. We’ll see what happens during the Christmas season.
Well here we have no plans for Thanksgiving, we were thinking of doing something like a talent show with a little Thanksgiving themed buffet but we didn’t get it planned in time and the ward didn’t know too much, maybe for a different time with a different theme.

The families that we are teaching are doing well, some we are giving difficulty finding and others that are just prospering. Samuel B. has felt the spirit and wants to be baptized, he whole heartedly believes everything we teach him and he is putting in his part by reading and praying, we have another appointment with him tonight and I hope everything goes well.  His little brother and sister are also taking lessons but still not as interested as Samuel. This last weekend we had a stake conference (too bad it wasn’t a steak conference hehehe) but guess who gave the talks? Jeffrey R Holland, Dieter F Uchtdorf, Elder Clark from the area 70 and Sister Cook, adviser to the young women’s presidency. Every one of the 4 gave a talk with the theme of the family or the temple, understandable with the dedication of the Quetzaltenango Guatemala Temple on the 11th of December. It was great. Did you guys know that J.R.Holland can speak a bit of Spanish?

Companion situation? Rrrrmmm this has by far been the most confusing change of my entire mission. I might be hard for me because I’m not use to having someone not be my friend after being in my dreamland of Coban with some of my best companions for so long. My last 5 were incredible, the best by far. Elder M. is doing alright and he is learning a ton, but little by little. More than anything I think he’s just making it difficult for me. WE had some ups and downs this week that have been pretty acute at points but nothing unbearable; I just hope to finish off my mission working harder than ever.

This week is changes but since we are in the training program we are staying together for sure. This is my SECOND TO LAST CHANGE and second to last planner to go with it. This change embarks Christmas and New years and ends right after. As for my district 2 sister missionaries are being taken out of their area and the area is being closed, I am not quite sure why but oh well, we will see what happens with the district then.

On Saturday we did some service cleaning out a part of a members house that had never been cleaned before, the people living there before had left a junkyard in that back room. We found a ton of spiders and cockroaches, one rat, like 12 virgin Marys and a bunch of other ridiculousness. Other than that nothing too big to report, I hope all is going well on your guys´ side.

So I’m not sure how to do it but I think we can to a video conference thing for our Christmas call, the computers here have cameras so maybe I can talk with mission president Watts or some leader type people to see if I can get it all hooked up, alright? as for sickness I have been a lot better this week, we stopped eating at the restaurant everyday and I’m cooking in the house now, I enjoy it 100x more and I can eat what I want more healthily. My companion? Ramen noodles and frosted flakes, poor guy’s ganna get sick but he refuses my help so there’s not much I can do.

Alright I love you guys way too much, can’t wait to hear from you this Christmas.  Sorry I haven’t sent you guys anything as a present but its kinda expensive to get from here to there haha...and I have no idea what to send. I’ll keep working on those tapes. The days go fast, the weeks go slow and the months go by even faster. Before ya know it!
Andrew Bronson

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