Monday, November 28, 2011

This week included a bit of odd service.

Woohoo! Another glorious pday and time to email ahhhhhh.

Well thanksgiving here was completely normal besides telling everyone ¨happy turkey-day¨ and making them laugh. I’m still mourning over the lack of pumpkin pie, its kinda funny that it reminded you of me, Mom. Yes, I am losing my English, but that is just natural after having 11 different Latino companions for nearly my entire mission.

This week has also gone by really slow... as I have said the days go by fast, the weeks go by slow and the months go by even faster.  As of right now I’m fighting off a little bit of disanimation, but I guess that must be what the Lord wants be to be able to overcome in the future because it’s getting tougher and ever more confusing. One day good one day horrible and it all depends on his mood and how much ridiculousness he wants to pull. The mission president already knows about the situation but I’m even confused as to what to say to him because when it comes to climaxes the game always changes and I’m just losing my wits. Oh well, I’m capable of handling what’s going on, the only thing that bugs me is just planning pretty much by myself, and teaching pretty much by myself. I’m going to keep working.

This week included a bit of odd service. Near the neighborhood where we live there is a Health Center where one of our recent converts needed to go, but in the mornings the line gets HUGE. What was the plan? Us waking up at 3:45am to be there at 4 saving a spot for her in line until she comes at maybe 4:30 or 5. Want to know the joke though? We had to do it twice! The first time was on Thanksgiving and the doctor wasn’t doing the certain exam so we had to do it today also.  Though the sacrifice brings a joyful feeling, I hope not to have to do it a third time...I like to sleep.

This week I conducted my first baptismal interview as a District Leader! It was to a little 9 year old whose parents are active members but for some reason that they didn’t tell me he hadn’t been baptized until now. It was a great experience, so full of spiritual guidance. He pretty much knew all the concepts; I just had to clarify a few things about the law of chastity and the word of wisdom and stuff.

Hmmmm, what else to say? So many things happen every day but as ridiculously random as they are they seem so normal to me now, haha, that I don’t even remember them. One of the kids from our ward that hasn’t been baptized yet escaped from the house to go to church this Sunday with us, we had no idea that he didn’t have permission from his parents but they found out. His parents are inactive members who haven’t come to church in some time, but the father, Manuel, come to church searching for him. WE saw him talking to the bishop so we hope things will go alright, but the kid is going to be punished with a sentence of 5 weeks without going to church. Dang.

Well I’m as exited as ever to see you all again after this Christmas season, I love you all so much! Mom, now that you are done reading the Book of Mormon you should read maybe...yeah the New Testament. I’ve almost finished it in Spanish. Nearly the ENTIRE thing was written by Paul and he has a really strange style of writing in Spanish but I could understand. Its interesting to see how much is actually in the Bible.

Love you guys, please take care, until next week!
Elder Bronson

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