Monday, December 5, 2011

10 weeks before it’s over, and only 20 days until the call

Well well well...ANOTHER P-DAY!! Whoo!!
Oh my, Elder McPhee just told me that we only have 10 weeks before it’s over, and only 20 days until the call. What a change right? Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all in the same change. I’m not a baggy missionary so I have nothing to fear, the only thing I do sometimes fear is getting disanimated for lack of companionship help. Yeah, the situation isn’t getting much better, in fact it’s gotten much worse but before you know it all these hard times turn into valuable memories, stories and sometimes council. I’m just wondering what is it that the Lord can see that I can’t? What am I going to be prepared for by passing through this right now? Keep on working...just keep on working. I have honestly been feeling better today; I started putting my mind on better thoughts and started to push out the natural criticism that jumps into my thoughts for every stupid thing that happens. I need to do MY best in keeping the spirit, and invited him the best I can to do the same. I just wish he wouldn’t criticize me in front of all the people that we are around.

If you want to hear a funny story here you go:
This week we were visiting an investigator, John, and he was outside his house. He was getting ready to leave on his motorcycle. Elder M. knew that he shouldn’t as much as touch the bike, but what does my odd little duckling do? He gets on and gets it fall down a cement decline about 10 feet deep. Some sort of angelic protection left him unscratched and the bike left in good condition with the exception of a nasty looking scrape all along the left hand side. Investigator not so pleased. Only afterward did Elder M. say ¨so that’s why they don’t let missionaries ride motorbikes...¨ yup. That might be why.

Another funny happening has to do with that same investigators family. Max, his brother is a super cool guy and gave us some early Christmas presents. For me, a singing Christmas stocking, for Elder M. a grenade. What, didn’t you know that here in Guatemala grenades are what you give the naughty children? Joking by the way. About the naughty kid’s part, Max literally gave him a grenade. He is a police officer and had one in his house. 2 actually. The thing was disarmed and harmless but afterward my companion went around showing it to everyone...

Last night was pretty cool; it was the First Presidency´s Christmas Devotional. I liked President Uchtdorf talk about keeping Christmas focused on Christ. Also, President Monson's story about the man and the heavenly mansion.

p.s. I got my Christmas package, 20 days until I can open it. least that’s better than last year, I got it on Thanksgiving Day, only last time I opened it on the day of the family Christmas party.

Alrighty I think that’s it for today. Next week we will be going to the TEMPLE!!! That means that we will be doing internet on Tuesday. Stay safe and happy for me! I love you all so much more that I can say,
Adios Muchachos!

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