Monday, December 19, 2011

I want to extend my mission.

My my my...My beloved Family!!
Holy cow December went by fast, it’s already Christmas. I’m feeling these next two weeks are going to be a bit harder work wise...everybody’s ganna want to leave home and visit family and the poor missionaries are going to be talking to the dogs in the street for lack of people to teach the Gospel. Unless the dogs go on vacation too I suppose. Everything is possible here in Guatemala...

Less than 2 months now, it certainly feels like I’m counting someone else´s time and not my own. Can the mission ever end? Does one ever stop getting up at 6:30 to go and preach the Gospel all day? What else would you do, you can’t watch TV right that’s a sin. But there´s something that I wanted to talk to you guys about, maybe a little bit more extensively over the phone. Last Sunday (yesterday in fact) Mission President Watts visited our ward to come and talk to me and Elder M. about how we are going in the work, and all went well, but there was something that came to me during that time...I have something to come forcefully into my mind and I want to know how you guys feel about because I’m going to be praying and fasting about it.
I want to extend my mission.
Well in truth I don’t know if I want to, but I feel something about it, like my Father in Heaven will be SOOOOOO happy if I were to do it. Even as a write you guys about it my heart feels exited, but I don’t know! Will I be able to do it? How will you guys react? I’m so not sure but the more and more I think and ponder about it the more and more...well, better I think about it. I’ve heard that one can only extend his mission 30 days, but I’m starting to feel so strongly about it. What is it that my Heavenly Father wants me to do in that extra month; I kinda want to do it. I want to talk to you guys about it first on the phone so don’t worry. We´ll talk.

Sooo... This week has been a bit of a failure work wise, we only found 2 new investigators in the whole week, and only 12 lessons to investigators. Ouch. O well, I suppose it’s better in different places. Things with my companion are getting just a tiny bit better, a sliver of sunshine. We are at least praying together to plan and to leave the house now. He told me when we were fighting that he didn’t want anything from the Christmas package but now that he’s brightening up a bit I’m hoping that he actually does take it. This change ends in just 2 weeks, Christmas and New Years and it’s over. Where will I end my mission, and with whom will I end it?

Our Christmas plans are basically just hope that some people invite us to eat. On Friday we will be having a Service Project as a Mission and a Christmas activity. Saber lo que vamos a hacer. Something good I do so hope! I also hope that the family Christmas party went well, looks like a ton of fun and junk food. Speaking of junk food, we did an activity of visiting the less active members and delivering them donuts, brownies and cookies. The brownies and cookies we made ourselves, us and the sister missionaries and the ward mission leader. It turned out really well and we ended up eating a bit of it too. I hope I don’t get fat again when I go back to eating USA food. yummmmm.

Saturday night we did a something really cool for a less active part-member family. We had planned to cook pancakes with a member family as a Family Home Evening with everyone but things didn’t work out so we ended up being in the street with a frying pan and everything necessary to make pancakes. We passed by an investigator to do it with his family, not home. Other members house, nope. Recent converts house not quite. We finally ended up at the part member family´s house. They were in some need, too many things to be cleaned, husband just got home super tired and without diner even started and kids everywhere. My companion washed the 1000 dishes while I made 10,000 pancakes!! Well not quite that many but they did the trick and we really ended up helping the family. They came to church the next day wooo!!

Well that’s a lot of email right there, please don’t be too shocked about the mission extension idea, chill, everything will be perfectly fine, exactly how the Lord wants it to happen. And there is the chance that I even ask and they don’t do it so we will see really how the Lord wants to work this out. I love you all so much more than I could ever possibly say to even attempt to describe. Please have an absolutely marvelous Christmas one and all, stay safe, stay spiritual, I’ll be talking to you on Sunday. I can’t wait to hear your voices!
Just too much love,
Elder Andrew J Bronson

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