Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the Lord has little by little kept His hand in things reminding me that I am not alone.

...ugh. Companion problems suck. It’s not going well.
Alright today was temple day but I didn’t do a session because my temple recommend expired and I haven’t had a chance to get interviewed. The time was well spent relaxing in peace with my old buddy Elder Segura, remember him? He was my companion HERE in this area a very long time ago...Him and Samuel. Samuel got baptized last Saturday to go to the Quetzaltenango Temple dedication. It’s seriously been an incredible experience with him. Definitely an example of how baptism cleans, and the Holy Spirit sanctifies. He has pulled his life around and hasn’t stopped telling his testimony to everyone he talks to. He is inviting friends to the church, coming out with us to our visits and making the big difference in a lot of our lessons. I honestly love him so much; I am so exited for his future.

Mmm I’m feeling a little down this week, especially today. I admire Elder Loaisiga my zone leader; the sacrifice he made for me this morning has honestly moved me nearly to tears. This morning I and my comp had a clash that ended in him getting really upset and refusing to leave the house to go to the temple. I called the Zone Leaders to come and help me and they came. They tried to convince him to go but he continued to refuse and refuse. So that I could go to the temple, Elder Loaisiga stayed in my place with Elder M. I feel really bad still that I wasn’t even able to get in, seems like a waste for him, I hope to get him something to make up for it. I love him so much. All of today has been really calm, quiet, without contention or stress of any kind. The only thing that has been pressing on my mind all day in the fact that tonight I will have to go back to face him and see how it happens...

Even though I have been going though this tougher time of my mission that doesnt mean I haven't been greatly blessed. More than with just Samuel, the Lord has little by little kept His hand in things reminding me that I am not alone. He is incredibly present in my daily doings and has been very generous with His blessings. This week I was given free lunch almost 3 times, that and a number of tender mercies.

Ok here’s the story of the week- I attended an Evangelical Church last Sunday hahaha. Some of our investigators were getting married and did it in an Evangelical church, the church decided to go ahead and do their entire reunion in the middle of it all. They even went and collected offerings in the middle of the wedding. un poco loco digo yo. Lots of singing and Glory Halleluiah! And the people seemed nice enough, but there was none of that familiar peace and tranquility that we are used to. I felt a little uncomfortable after the first little while and wanted to leave but we stayed for the sake of the wedding. I can honestly see why some people don’t want the pressure of changing churches though, lots of stress and people to leave behind. Samuel himself was approached by his old pasture who asked him why he had run off with the Mormons and he defended himself with his testimony. Way to go Samuel!

Alright to answer your question Mom, Elder Smith is on the opposite side of the mission as I am. In the mission there are two ¨Santa Elena¨ areas, one here in the Cap, the other up at the top of Petén, the both of them are Santa Elena.  As for the video conference call I’m not quite sure that’s a go. The mission president wants you guys to call us from your numbers to ours so that the mission doesn’t have to pay for 200 missionaries´ hour long Christmas calls. I can understand.
I love you all so very much and can’t wait to hear your voices and a little after see your beautiful faces! So much love, take care!
Elder Bronson

Elder Segura & Elder Bronson

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