Monday, December 26, 2011

I love you guys and hope you have an EXCELLENT new year. 2012 baby!

Ah-ha! Camile took my spot I see how it is...
just kidding how was Christmas for you all?! I love you all so much and miss you all a ton. Christmas day was definitely a happy one; the call was definitely my favorite part. Work-wise it has been a bit rough. EVERYBODY IS DRUNK and that means there is no contacting, nobody in their houses, and/or nobody has time for missionaries. Just members haha members and all their tamales. We ate way too many tamales!  Three each Christmas eve and ponche with each one (ponche is a hot fruit drink with all the fruit chunks inside of it, you spoon out the chunks and eat them than drink the hot soupy juiciness). Our fridge is stuffed to the brim with extra food that people gave us; we aren’t even going to buy very much this week for food.

This week has been a funny one. Companion relationship is likened unto a cloudy day. Cloud and then sun and then cloud and then sun. I’m getting all confused but I am at least grateful that there is a little bit of warmth. Not going to lie, I hope we have a change, my sanity will not likely last another month and a half of this partly cloudy companionship weather. I hope that I am not called upon to test that sanity theory of mine.

Last Wednesday was eventful, my companion passed out during district meeting while we were standing up talking about our investigators. We began talking about a certain investigator and it became a discussion about the practicality of being completely obedient to all the rules under all crazy circumstances and it was basically 4 on 1 with everybody telling my poor companion that it’s better to stand up for the rules that it is to make exceptions for every other situation, when suddenly he dropped and started flailing. WE FREEKED OUT!!  We all thought he had some sort of seizure but the doctor said that its natural that someone who passes out is going to jerk around a bit and it’s not a seizure. That sure ended district meeting. Thursday we had a doctor’s appointment to see what’s up with Elder M. We took a nearly half hour taxi ride for 75 quetzals to the area office and 75 more to get back, and for what? So that the doctor could check him and say that the only problem is he isn’t drinking any water. 150 quetzals for a bottle of water! That’s nearly 20 dollars in taxi transport.

Like I mentioned on the phone call our Christmas activity was pretty cool. WE all got there early, the first thing was to listen to some inspirational Christmas talks from the president, and then we filled up plastic bags with things to donate to needy people in our areas. Afterwards we went out and played football, soccer and basketball. Lunch was turkey with mashed potatoes, apple pie being the dessert. We proceeded to watch a Disney movie woohoo! Tangled, haha! It was an excellent movie I loved it. A little more instruction from President Watts and we ended at around 4:30ish. After I had an interview with President Watts to get a new temple recommend. WORTHY! I told him about extending my mission and he said he would talk with the Lord to see what we would decide on doing, we weren’t going to do anything without asking you guys first. I know you aren’t too fond of the idea but if it’s the Lords will? Imagine the difference we could possibly make in the life of somebody. Who knows, only God.

One of the sunshiny moments of the week was Christmas Eve when I bought a plastic chess board for Elder M. and he told me he really cares about me. I wonder how long that will last, hopefully until changes I don’t want to have any more problems with anybody right now. I love you guys and hope you have an EXCELLENT new year. 2012 baby!
Ill see if the computer will let me send photos next week because this one doesn’t want to cooperate, sorry! Much love!
Elder Andrew Bronson

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