Monday, January 2, 2012

I talked to President Watts and he responded

Wow Dad´s a stud teaching those sunbeams. Sounds like so much fun, maybe I’ll accompany you a Sunday when I get back, if that’s alright.

This week has gone by pretty anxiously for me as well. Elder M. has had a cold for a while, coughing a ton and I am starting to catch it too but it’s something small, nothing serious. Alright I’m not going to leave you guys waiting for changes, here they are:
Elder M. has a change, I´ll be staying in Santa Elena with a new companion, and who will it be? In my district Sister Portillo has a change and Sister Ramos (who is in the same group as Elder M. and is just as new as him) will be training a new missionary. She told me that she had a dream that this happened and then it come true. I wonder what would happen if my dreams came true...I always dream about dinosaurs...

I talked to President Watts and he responded
¨I would be fine with the extension as it seems like the Spirit might be telling us something. If you want to wait a couple of weeks into your next change to see how you feel and then let me know that would be fine.¨
So I’m going to follow that direction. My answer is pretty much a firm yes but I guess I’ll give it at least a week to see how things go, even though I’m not sure the time will change the answer.  I know you guys miss me and I miss you all so much too, but I hope you will be proud of me for what I’m doing, also I hope everything works out when I get back. Studies, work, girls, money ugh. More things to think about. As for collage I haven’t thought about where I want to go, maybe BYU if they have a good art program, but the only thing that has ever interested me is either design, architecture, or maybe even story writing. Hmmmm...

I’m writing you guys a letter that will describe New Year’s night a bit better but just to say it was spectacular. The entire city lit up with fireworks at midnight and we could see them all! Imagine every house shooting up fireworks at the same time all over the city, it was so cool! I was thinking of sleeping but I woke me up and I needed to go to the bathroom at the same time so I just decided to stay up and watch the fireworks. There weren’t as many drunk guys this holiday but at the same time there weren’t that many people home in their families either. We did find a new family, Lusbin and Alma who are very young and even though they have a 2 year old little boy they aren’t married. He is only 21 and she is only 18 but Lusbin has accepted to be baptized by the authority of the Priesthood, and said he is going to talk to Alma about getting married.

Any news from my friends back at home? Have any of them left for a mission or gotten married or something? I hardly hear from more than just Brandyn and a couple times Kensie and Trent. It sure would be cool to hear what they are all up to.

These darn computers don’t let me upload pictures from my camera, maybe we will have to look for some other computer place so I can send you some of the photos I’ve taken over the past two weeks. Well, I’m trying to think of something more to write, I guess just excited to see who my next companion might me, I really hope to finish my mission joyfully, not constantly complaining or fighting over stupid things. I want my last month or two to be happy! We will see what the Lord wants me to do to end my time.

Love you all take care, remember to pray with all the energy of your hearts, and if you believe that you will receive, and that thing is just, you WILL receive it. Believe it guys. Love you so much more than I can say,
Elder Andrew Bronson

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