Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my official release date is -March 9th-

Hey guys another week goes by here in Santa Elena, and as I just emailed my official release date is -March 9th- and it seems so close and yet so far away. Some days I feel homesick and other days I don’t want to go home. sometimes I don’t want it to end and others I just want to get home so my head has felt like a dryer this week as its been tumbling between the two worlds but it’s not really that difficult to push baggy thoughts out of my mind, plus, God helps me out a bit. This week A. Garcia got baptized by Elder Mendiz who came up from Lomas Del Norte with Elder McPhee to perform the baptism. The service was shaky basically nobody showed up from the ward but we had an investigator come and there was delicious cake. I’m pretty sure the devil did NOT want that kid to get baptized because he did EVERYTHING in his power to stop the thing. Everything we planned something or every time we had something special for him or his family something abnormal would come up and it would flop. More than a coincidence.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wow one paragraph and I’m empty I’m sure I have gone through more than that this week. This week we found a new family to teach and they now have a baptismal date that we are going to have to move back because they she needs to divorce and they need to marry to comply with the law of chastity. They came to church and they are super awesome investigators, in fact, I knew them before. When I was here with good ol Elder Velasquez we found them and they had a baptismal date and the same situation but it all fell apart as Alex, the husband moved back to Honduras. Now they are back together and stronger. Whoo!

Que mas que mas?!?! My companion tried to rob me of my capn crunch telling me that he had ate it but actually just hid it from me. Then today the sisters in my district hid the box that I bought this week saying they had left it on the bus. ENOUGH TORMENT I JUST WANT MY CAPN CRUNCH. That stuff is really hard to find down here.

So if I come back on the 9th will I still make it to the lacrosse game? Or will it be chill at the house time? 25 months! Oo-eey lots of time. I’m sorry guys but I honestly don’t know what else to write this week, lots of people came to church and that was great, today we played soccer and I took a really really cold shower.  Wow my email is lame this week I’m so sorry, but I truly do love you all and I hope everything is going well back in the world, I’ll be joining you guys sooner than you know it. Take care and read you scriptures please.

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