Monday, January 16, 2012

honestly things like that just bounce off me now

SsOOOO things are going so great with Elder Moran it’s definitely been a blessing to be with him as a companion. Times are fun and successful, this weekend we are going to have a baptism, that of Angel G. (Remember the kid whose parents didn’t let him go to church because he was acting badly? yup, that’s him) WE have been working a ton with that family and they have calmed down a bit, but still a ways to go to really help the father realize that his being way to harsh on his kid. Poco a poco...little by little. The area in large is going great, we are putting some good goals and working hard to achieve them., please always pray to help us achieve our goals, sometimes it’s a bit tough.

Haha contacting this week was pretty fun. We started trying to invite people to baptism in the doorway and it honestly helps haha, it makes the contact more focused and spiritual and you can really discern who’s ready and who is definitely not. Haha in our area there is a neighborhood called Caracol (Snail) called that way for the shape of the roads one being strait and the other one a long bend like a snail shell. That and the people there are a bit slow spiritually. Oyyy we found a woman who hardly wanted to open a tiny window to look at us saying ¨sorry but my gospel is better than yours¨. Alright small woman, wait until you hear what we do in a temple and then you can say if your gospel is better than ours. Hahaha truly honestly things like that just bounce off me now. I’ve been through the most ridiculous and have done so for 2 years. It makes so little effect on me now that I was honestly surprised to see that my companion was getting frustrated. In the street we did a quick prayer asking God that he would help us find someone to teach, 2 doors later we found someone named Virginia who seemed pretty sincere, but we have yet to visit her a second time, she wasn't home when we passed by on Friday.

Today we went shopping for some ties in pacas, little street corner clothes shops like permanent garage sales and we found a ton!! We were looking for like an hour until we finally found a paca that had an entire bag full of like 40 ties. We bought I think around 25 ties for only 20 quetzales, like $2.50 in dollars haha. Only about 5 of those I bought myself the rest were for my companion Elder Moran.

What do say what to say... well crew its harder and harder every week to think of things to write, life continues normally here in the mission field. Constantly feeling the Spirit, constantly helping people receive answers to their prayers, constantly working hard and trying to focus on the Fathers work and not on home, there will be plenty of time for that later! I love you all so much and hope you are all reading your scriptures EVERY DAY and saying your prayers. Take care I love you so much!
Elder Bronson

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