Monday, January 9, 2012

Fyi- I told President Watts that it’s a go

Hmmm super-diet sounds like fun to try, I might try that one with you mom.
I’m still in blue-house Santa Elena zone 18 Capital Guatemala, New companion: Elder Moran, my 12th Latino companion and prior companion of Elder Whited who just left the mission....I will see you soon Elder Whited! And all of you of course. Today we went to the Guatemala City Central Mission Office to see the doctor, Elder Moran has been coughing up some green and red so we went in for a checkup, along with a ton of other missionaries haha. Elder Opazo and Elder Turcios were both there, and they are both training. I don’t even have enough time to do that anymore...BAGGY.

Fyi- I told President Watts that it’s a go; I know you guys are going to have to wait an extra month or so but it’s for the better. There are days that I don’t want to do it and than I remember how I felt when I prayed and I know that somebody´s soul is on the line, so I get animated again. A little. I really do miss you guys, and last night God gave me a mean dream where I returned home and was in the basement but hadn’t seen you guys yet and you all came down to find me there. I miss you guys a ton and can’t wait for March! Sorry Scooter that I’m going to miss your B-day again but we will party it up when I get back don’t you worry. I don’t know when the exact return date will be so I’ll let you guys know when I receive news.

This week has been a good week with my new companion. Apparently he was a bit wild earlier on in the mission but this last change conference he felt a great desire to change his attitude and work really hard. Surely the Lord has answered my prayers, and I hope he continues to do so because he has been looking kinda bummed lately from being sick. We didn’t sleep very well last night due to our coughing. We have seen some great things happen in just this week and I hope to keep planning with the Spirit and working with the Spirit also. Missionary life just SUCKS when there is no help and no spirit, and I definitely do NOT want to end my mission sad, baggy or frustratedly spirit-less. I pray a ton that God will help Elder Moran to be the answer to my prayers- a companion that will help me have fun and end my mission with happiness and success-

This week I saw my very first dead person, in a bag being carried away by the police surrounded by a whole bunch of nosey people wanting to know what’s going on. The entire neighborhood was affected. A woman who had gotten herself in a bunch of trouble supposedly. Holy Cow I honestly just want this change to be a happy one, I need to act up and be a friend, I try but sometimes when companions want to do something that regularly we shouldn’t do its hard for me not to act up and say Hey, Elder, let’s not do this. Many times ended with a ¨Que Flechón!¨ which wants to say someone who is robotically strict to the rules without having a heart for the people, but that’s not me. I just want to do the right thing the right way; there is no need to break rules for things that don’t matter. Hopefully that won’t happen with this companion, I’m praying so.

Hey guys I love you a ton, there’s not much more that comes to mind, the work continues to grow and shrink and grow and everything is so normal to me now that it’s hard to think of cool things that happen. This week a couple of times we have seen the Spirit working in us and in people, the things that we say and do to make a difference in their lives. It’s incredible just how true all this is. Take care guys I’ll see you before you know it, don’t worry too much I’ll be home soon.
Love you guys a ton
Andrew Bronson

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