Monday, January 23, 2012

Patience is a celestial virtue

Mama I would tell you but I don’t know, the date of my departure is unknown to me and will not be revealed to human ears until Wednesday during Zone Conference, sorry...
Patience is a celestial virtue.

HAHA! Another week has flown by like a blur, the work is great here with Elder Moran I can’t wait to keep working with him. I have been trying my best to not think too much about home, and honestly it’s easier when I focus more on the work. I have noticed that my mind wanders on home a lot more easily now than before, but I’m strong, no worries. Once again sorry for not being able to tell you guys the exact date of departure.

Sounds like a fun club that Wes is in, something that I would like to participate in haha, the art club in BHS was great when I was there but I wish I had done more. Scott you just take care and don’t worry that I won’t be there for the Bday party, we will party it up afterwards. Last Tuesday was Brandyn's birthday that old fart is turning 21 haha. Looks like his Natalie bought him a Zelda game.

Ugh...hmmmm why don’t I ever have anything to write? Everything is so normal now. Hmmm we have a baptism this weekend; Elder Mendiz is going to come up from Lomas del Norte to do the baptism. It sounds to me that he has changed a lot, but that is pretty usual here in the mission. Last night he called and talked to my companion for a little bit but really spiritually, afterward Elder Moran came to me telling me about what he had said about how we need to express our testimonies to the people. He says that he feels his testimony growing every day haha sweet! I also saw Elder Umana today in Wal-Mart and he seems really relaxed and focused also. Maybe my two wayward mission-children won’t turn out so silly after all. I certainly do hope so.

Last night was pretty special, after talking about Elder Mendiz we started talking about our families, how our real parents are our heroes, no joke! He said that he feels bad that he wasted his youth being really rebellious and acting out against his parents, and this made me think of how glad I am for you guys, and for you boys too, I’m honestly so proud of our family. This week I have thought a couple times about the concept of Eternal Families and I do have to say, that has to be the doctrine that most impacts me of all. Can you guys even imagine not seeing each other after death? What would we be if it weren’t for the gospel?? I’m so glad I came on a mission because of just how much it has changed me personally, I can’t imagine learning all these things without the experiences I have had here. All those who can go out on a mission, do so! Cooking, cleaning, living, working responsibility, health, service, selflessness, patience, kindness, charity, faith, hope, and so much more.

Pues chicos, ya se acerca mi tiempo. I love you all so much and can’t wait to see you all. Take care, cuidense
ElDeR AnDrEw JaMeS BrOnSoN

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