Monday, March 7, 2011

The work continues to roll on

Sounds pretty crazy! Super lacrosse Scott monster!
Well sorry to say but I almost got to send pictures this week but I had to play Chinese fire drill computer-style and once stuck with one that doesn’t recognize my camera. O well, that’s alright because this week I’m sending you...
I'm sure you will all be exited for that one; its got pictures all the way back to my trainer Elder Vargas in Juana de Arco until just today all the adventures in-between, nearly my whole mission! The card I’m using now might last until the end of my mish unless I get sent to a very beautiful place like *cough-Flores Petén-cough* that lake is beautiful.
Yeah, I’m not sure what to think about changes, one week more. I don’t want to be counting down the days that would be kinda jerkish. I honestly would have no problem with him if he would just obey the rules so that I can more easily do so. I don’t like being afraid to suggest things either.

The work continues to roll on. Hector Claveria is busier than ever with work but with absolute amazing signs of progression in spiritual matters. He has come to church without fail for the past few weeks, even when I thought there was no chance of him coming for the same reasons. This last weekend he only had a few hours of sleep for coming home from work so late but still came to church on his own, and loved the class and wanted to me look for a chapter in the Book of Mormon that talked about that sort of thing. We had talked about the ways we use the priesthood in blessings, especially in the home for blessings on the sick and blessings of babies and homes, I gave him Alma chapter 13 where it talks about being preordained to hold the priesthood, hopefully he finds that interesting haha. Something else that happened Sunday was fast and testimony meeting, there are open windows and a little bird flew right in and started doing circles around the room haha! Poor guy trying to bare his testimony, but everybody was away for when I gave mine. God gave me another surprise too this Sunday. Familia Juachín came also on their own for the first time even! The husband is an inactive member (for work) and his wife is Catholic but extremely interested in the church, they also have a little baby girl named Abby. Tonight we will be having a GIANT family home evening with them and maybe, hopefully, about 3-4 other families! Much prayer.

Today is Elder Centenos birthday, 23, he is also accomplishing 6 months in the mission, hopefully things go well haha nothing to strange I hope.

Well not too much more happened this week...please know that I am fine, I've gone through worse remember, a least Elder Centeno hasn’t abandoned me yet, and he works that’s requirement number 1. Honestly I could so easily have him as a friend of mine but I guess circumstances have just kinda driven us apart.

That’s about as much as I can think of for this week, just don’t worry too much things will work out I’m pretty sure God knows what He is doing, whatever it is, its the best for everyone even if we cant see it yet. I love you all more than I can say, tengáis paciencia! no os turbéis Dois está sobre todo. I love you so much, have a good week, please be safe and spiritual you know how much it means to me.
Elder Bronson

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  1. Tamsin he sounds good. Very positive amongst his trials with full faith in the Lord as he should. What a great missionary! His rewards will come!