Monday, March 28, 2011

Our investigators are making progressive jumps and stumbling all in the same week

Alrighty another week another email! hey family its been a good week

Our investigators are making progressive jumps and stumbling all in the same week left and right but things are still going alright. We’ve put a little more attention in looking for new investigators through members and contacting and we have found a few. We have even been attempting inviting people to baptism in the door-contacts, its kinda fun haha. Just explain the Jesus called apostles and gave them authority-authority that is absolutely essential to baptize or preach and act in the name of God- that when the people killed Jesus Christ and all of his appointed servants that authority was lost.  Next ask them if they believe God answers prayers (every single person at least in this area already has a religion and will always say yes) then proceed to ask them that if they pray to God to know if what we have said is true and receive an answer if they would be baptized by someone holding that authority of God. Simple enough? We were contacting and out came a 15 year old boy named Juan Fransisco who was absolutely amazing. Do you believe that God answers prayers? Yes, he said with a firm stare. IF you receive an answer that what we just taught is true, will you prepare yourself to be baptized by someone holding this authority? Yes. And he was serious about it. He later told us to come back that next Saturday. We did, and he was waiting for us. He and his little brother Javier listened and offered us 7up, some chips and a banana to eat, sat us down and we began. The spirit was so STRONG the examples that we used were PERFECT and he understood EVERYTHING. About the middle of the lesson their father Rudy came out wearing all sorts of Catholic apparel, but said that he isn’t going to restrict his kids in the things of God, giving us permission to teach even if he doesn’t want to listen quite yet. Oooh! Juan studies a lot but was going to try to make this work because he is absolutely amazing and prepared by God.

Other investigator news Hector Clavería´s schedule has been complicated and we haven’t even seen him in nearly 3 weeks! Hopefully when he once again finds time to talk with the missionaries or go to church he will still have that strong spirit of learning about him and that same interest. The Morales Chaves Family has stopped progressing but we’re going to keep trying to work with them. They believe what we say but I don’t know if they understand it all perfectly.

Better news! GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!! YEAHHH!!! I'm exited, are you guys exited?? Think of 10 specific questions and right them down, have everybody do so and listen during conference to find the answers. Pray to God that he might help you recognize your answer and how you can use it to become a better person or help somebody else. I’m going to do it! You guys should too! I’m so exited so exited so exited. Take notes! Whoo

Yesterday in church was a ¨cincho¨ (for those new to the game, cincho literally means ¨Belt¨ and people use it to refer to reproving somebody) session. We had talked to the Bishop about how members aren’t helping the work at all, that when investigators come to church nobody even looks at them, much less talks to them. What the heck right? So haha so that entire sacrament meeting the patriarch and the bishop gave talks about OPENING YOUR MOUTH AND CONTRIBUTING. Boom! Maybe some people were listening and will help us out a bit more, maybe. Hopefully.

Elder Winkel told me a story today that I thought was kinda funny. One time missionaries entered into a house of someone who was once a Japanese pilot, who had even fought in the raid on Pearl Harbor. He said that during the battle he saw the Hawaii temple and thought to bomb it, but when we went to bomb it, the bomb wouldn’t release! He turned around and tried to shoot it with his guns and they wouldn’t work either! So he flew back toward his ship and tested his weapons again and they functioned, so he thought to turn around and try again, but the plane wouldn’t turn! Ha! Well if its true or not I thought it was a funny story!

Well another week, see you again after conference! This is the 3rd during my mission and I will have only one more, oh boy. Keep praying and prepare yourself spiritually for conference, I will ask you what you all learned after ok?

God be with you till we meet again

Elder Andrew James Bronson

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  1. He's doing wonderfully!! :) I'm definitely going to take his challenge and ask questions and pray about them before Conference! :)