Monday, March 14, 2011

SUPRISE! We got news about our changes this morning

Hey everybody, so happy to hear from you all again, I love you.
Yes, I did hear about the quake-tsunami (Earthquake in Spanish is Terremoto, and Tsunami is the same, or if caused by a quake a Marimoto) I heard it from the day it happened and from every single member. We live in an area where EVERYone has a TV and the word spread quickly. Something that I heard tambiƩn/also is that some nuclear reactors went off down there too... is that true? Dang I feel bad for em, supposedly the waves were to come and hit us here in Guatemala but I doubt anything really even happened. Earthquakes in diverse places

SUPRISE! We got news about our changes this morning....We have a change! The zone leaders and President Torres learned quickly (and not even from me, I don’t whine about these things usually) what was up and he definitely needed OUT. This last week has been one of the absolute hardest of my mission. Since Miercoles/Wednesday I've been one-manning the efforts for the area. We had an interview with the ZL´s where he openly came out and said that he thought our companionship was basura (trash) since about 3 weeks into it and the only way to fix it was a change or, he said, ¨worse things could happen¨ that last part really startled me. When we received the call in the morning and I heard the news I had a shrill of excitement that was just...golden. Strange, but that’s the best way to describe it I think. I don’t know who else will be coming in; I’ve honestly been praying pretty hard for ¨a companion who will love me too¨ haha of all things right. This means I will be in this area for a full 6 months, and by cause of recent events our area is kinda dead from investigators, but we’ll see what we can make happen. Bad news is that my good buddy Elder Whited has a change; hopefully we will see each other again in the mission. I really love him, and already miss him.

I finally got to a computer that accepts my camera so this will hopefully be a week of photos. I filled the card and had it sent last week so hopefully that’s on its way soon, I'm sure you will all enjoy that one a bit.

Today for an activity we all played volleyball, I think that has to be the funniest sport to play with friends. I suck at basketball and soccer and baseball is too serious, all sorts of funny stuff happens in volley. Elder Trunick clotheslined himself and did some funny stuff going for the ball, Elder Whited and Elder Letner were being dorks the whole time and made it hilarious...however you spell that. I felt pretty cool too. I won two of the games and managed to successfully spike it for the first time haha! It was INTENSE.

Hey boys remember my favorite band back-in-the-day, The Rasmus? of all bands and all songs and all music I never imagined to hear it down here in Guatemala, but one day after doing service building a house we had some extra time and went to pizza hut where they always always play good music even journey and the cars, but then came on MY SONG I couldn’t help NOT dancing a little bit to I was very glad to be in civi-clothes not to give a bad impression of the missionaries.

Well next week we’ll see who’s here with me alright? Only time and Wednesday will tell! I love you all so much and cant wait to see you all again, stay safe stay strong, read, pray, focus a little more on Jesus Christ and you will see you life open up much more. Until next week,
Elder Andrew James Bronson

more pictures, some from service. the last one, the sign we found in a newer area that says not to throw trash or rubble, and has a funny picture on it. 1000 quetzales is about...$125.

(I questioned my boys as to what they thought this picture was, and they didn't guess that it was about trash, hehe)

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