Monday, February 21, 2011

Alright family its time for another letter.

Alright family its time for another letter.
Here goes.
Guess who I saw just now!
Yeahhh! He’s still in Polochik but his companion had to come down here to go to the dentist so he was down here for a bit. And I got to see him! Woo!!! Someday we will be together for more than 5 min.

Hmm a good week overall. We went on divisions with Atlántida last Friday, I was with my really good friend Elder Whited and we had 24 hours of talking! was so amazing. Right now? Back to normal. Silence and a shadow of a companion but we’re half way through the change. I feel that just enduring to the end might be the best option, even if we don’t get many baptisms.

Hector Claveria is still being awesome and came to church again. We invited him to be baptized again and I believe he’s ready. He didn’t accept a specific date to be baptized, but we asked him to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon again. Our golden family Santiso at first wasn’t home when we passed by but on our way out they drove by our home and picked us up. We taught a powerful lesson on obedience, how it’s like the armor of God that protects you from the ¨fiery darts of the tempter¨ last chapter in Corinthians I think it is. With the Morales Chaves Family that was progressing nicely we had an appointment but we were being dumb and didn’t pass by until an hour late. When we passed by they looked really mad saying that had waited an entire hour, they had food waiting for us even and that Cesar had already left. Ugghh I felt so bad that that night I passed by a couple tiendas (street corner shops) and bought them some bread and chocolate bars, with a nice note and a picture of Christ. When we came by to drop it off they weren’t home so I hope they received it, I left it by the door. Well only time will tell I guess. As for my Comp the situation is about the same. I work and at least he follows. He could be such a great missionary if he just gave himself the chance.

Well there isn’t too much more to share this week I hope all is well and happy. I pray for your health and safety every morning and night and always for spiritual experiences. I'll get that letter to Helen; I've really seen her change a lot since coming here. At first she seemed really sad but we visit often, and I guess I just have that gift that people sometimes can just open up to me. We gave them extra beds and pass by about twice a week to share scriptures and help her feel better. She always tells us how much she trusts us and how happy she is that we are such good friends to her, some of her best friends.

I love you all have a safe week; I wish you more than the best.

Elder Andrew Bronson

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