Monday, February 14, 2011


Wow sounds like a busy week; we had some stuff going on too...but first of all HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!


So haha yeah my year mark was spent doing divisions in Atl├íntida with Elder Primo, good friend of Elder Centeno and he’s pretty cool. Were not the BEST of friends but he’s cool. We ordered pizza and it was pretty tasty but as for super celebrations nothing incredibly exiting. More than anything I've just been more distracted than usual, for some reason it seems visions of being home or being in normal clothes or being on vacation much more frequently pop into my head and its a constant battle to punch them back out and stay focused on Jesus Christ. No worries, you all know me there’s no way in all Heaven, Earth or heck that I’d do something incredibly disobedient, or really anything disobedient at all. disobedience bugs me and makes me miserable and on the other hand being obedient and doing what I know I should makes me feel so full of love and hope that it doesn’t matter what else is going on I'm walking down the street with the biggest smile.

Hmm something funny was something last night. We left with our ward missionaries but they didn’t help much at all. They showed us to a house of one of their friends, better phrased ¨amigas¨ and they kinda just stood there talking to her for a while without so much as introducing us...aye we have a way to go with them but that’s not the story. First of all fate decided to play a little fun on Elder Centeno when out of her house a door opened and a small fuzzy white poodlydog (the most innocent thing since Charly) came out and began pee on Elder Centeno's pant leg like a fire hydrant! HA! It only got better as she had to leave so she gave the absolutely normal Guatemalan goodbye/greeting of kissing the cheek. She did it first to the two members we were with and I was next in line. Haha! She swooped in to gimmy a smooch and I nearly dived out of the way! HA! The entire crowd was laughing, I still felt ok for dodging something another missionary might not have...
Focus on the Lord.

Yesterday was also a very spiritual day; our last appointment was with the Santiso family that I've already told you all about. We arrived about a half hour late for...circumstances, but they worried that we wouldn’t come! They called our house number and were really sad...Ahhh investigators who recognize the spirit... When we came in they sat us down and gave us hot chocolate and cookies and breads. They were watching the end of some Japanese fish-monster story that was pretty funny with the japaneseness of it all. After the movie was finished and we had eaten our cookies, we sang a hymn and taught about ¨The Gospel of Jesus Christ¨ faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. Even though they are very catholic, when we invited them to be baptized Rosa said ¨well, you gatta get baptized¨ we put a baptismal date with them. All of them. 9 people, all AMAZING all GOLDEN all GOD-GIVIN. Not only them but Hector Clavaria came to church again for the third time, this time on his own and even though he was feeling tired and sickish he even took notes of the classes. He’s a definite candidate for baptism and a life-change.

Alright I’m in the process of writing more letters, don’t you worry. And congrats to everyone for getting your patriarchal blessings, it’s never a bad idea. In fact it’s an amazing thing to do and I would definitely suggest to everyone who hasn’t to as soon as possible become worthy enough (if you aren’t already) to receive one. Recently I had felt a little impression to pray for spiritual experiences for you guys. Shane, yours sounds a lot like mine, and yes it is something incredible, I read some of it this morning. The thing I think I like the most is the part that it includes...A MISSION. That is my expectation for each and every one of you boys, you have no idea how proud I will be of you all and how much it changes your life as well as the many lives of others. Once again a bad computer, no pictures but always another chance next week.

Much love, I wish you all safety luck protection and spirituality. Until next week when we write again.
Elder Bronson

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