Monday, September 26, 2011

A good missionary birthday for sure

Wow Brandyn's got the beardy look now, that’s a bit new...for me at least. Sorry bro I can’t grow a beard to match ya...
I’m 21!!
It was an incredible day, we didn’t get a ton of diner but that’s not what matters... we woke up at 6:30 as always and got out of the house at 7ish to get everything ready for the baptism of Brian and Steicy Morales (Wily´s date has gone back to the 8th, but really whatever day they want to be married) and it was good we did, we were busy! The water from the fount came out all nasty green! We finally decided that we would have to empty it and fill it again to see if it would clear up. We then left to help B&S´s mom prepare for the refreshments, pupusas! (Kinda like tortillas but filled on the inside with pizza cheese and beans and some meat) YUM lots to do, then to look for our appointments to teach. A busy but fulfilling day for sure. The fount filled up again, but still green! O well we did it anyway and everything was great. For lunch I called for pizza, Dominos had this special New York style pizza that was pretty tasty, and came with a coke that we couldn’t drink. We gave that away to some neighbors. All in all we came back to the house satisfied. A good missionary birthday for sure.

Today was pretty eventful too; we went to semuc champey again! Btw I found out that semuc chamey is Kekchi for ¨the river that hides under the earth¨ cool huh? The rides in the buses weren’t as fun but nothing big to complain about, all fun goodliness.

This week is GENERAL CONFERENCE!! Who’s exited? I am! And guess what...

It’s my last one here

The next after that I will be recently home and comfy to see it heheh. It’s going to be great.

No letters or packages yet but really I don’t mind not receiving them, the finish line is close (not to sound baggy). I’m kinda short on what to say this week, it’s been pretty normal, all goes well in the area lots of new and really good investigators. We just barely got off the bus from semuc champey and that’s why we are writing so late.

I’m so sorry for not having much to say but my mind seems a bit scrambled right now with the rush to get back to our area, buy food still, write emails and get to important appointments! I love you all so much and I hope to write you guys a bigger better email next week, take care!

Elder Andrew James Bronson

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