Monday, October 3, 2011

One of the most important skills I have acquired is that of recognizing the spirit, and following it.

Kinda fun how all of Gods children have such distinctive personalities, and His ability to love everyone´s without exception.

Well I was thinking of something to say but the internet place I’m in just started playing Blink 182 (a rock band) and I lost my train of thought. Sorry guys, missionary or not, I’m exited to listen to my music again. I love mo-tab and everything but there is something about drums and guitar.  There is some stuff that I still won’t be listening to though... it’s a lot easier for me now to discern what’s good from what’s bad now that I've been away from such nasty stuff. Ok I’m done, sorry. Spirituality.

Ok! General Conference! I took my 15 pages of notes, a little less than usual. Can you believe this was my LAST ONE?? Does my email sound really baggy right now? I shouldn’t, I wouldn’t give up the mission for the world. I want my full two years and nothing less. Bring me some investigators! G.C. was really cool, the thing that got me deepest was when one of the apostles was talking about following the Holy Spirit. He said that in life we will all make mistakes, but when we are about to make a giant one, the spirit will ALWAYS warn us, we NEED to be attentive to that voice and follow it. During my experience in the mission one of the most important skills I have acquired is that of recognizing the spirit, and following it. Lessons have absolutely no effect on the people if they don’t feel and recognize the spirit testifying.

Throughout G.C. I was thinking a lot about you guys, and investigators, I’m so glad we have the opportunity to listen to all those talks, they are so inspired I can’t believe it. I hope everyone listened to them. This week has been kinda tough, lots of walking in the rain; it’s been raining everyday down here without fault. And now my umbrella died but there’s no problem, I’ll just buy another. The problem with rain is that there aren’t as many people in the streets, or even home, and if they are they don’t much want to get soaked talking to some missionaries. Their loss heheh.

There is so much that happens throughout the week but I never remember it during email time, it all just seems so natural now. Spiritual lessons, crazy stories, good people, crazy people. Oh! I did receive a letter from you Mom, and the package of the CD player. I specially got a kick out of how it’s the old one I used to use at home. The music was nice too.

Well guys it’s about time to head out, I love you all and I ask God that he keeps you guys safe and sound. I’m waiting for the day that I will see you all again...and speak only Spanish!! ¡¡Jajajaja!! ¡¡solo español saldrá de me boca, y risa!!

Take care, till next week
Elder Andrew Bronson

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