Monday, October 31, 2011

contacting in the cemetery passing out pamphlets and talking about the Plan of Salvation hahaha.

Alright my ideas for the Christmas package are a little smaller; I honestly don’t need much here right now with only a little over 3 months left in the mission. Something for my companion maybe, he is from a very poor family and I’m not sure how big any package headed his way is going to be... I would feel a lot better sending him something rather than to me.  Honestly not to be a bummer I’m trying to fight temptation to eat too many sweets, better off losing weight walking here than trying to there in Utah in winter. What a better idea would be to save the money that you would have spent and buy something when I get back.

Halloween in Guatemala was once nearly the same as there in the States apparently, trick or treating but as the years went on the more and more dangerous became the streets at night, specially here in zone 18 that tradition went disappearing. I’m not sure if other places in Guatemala are different because a year ago for Halloween I was also here in this same area with the same people... the 1st of November is a much bigger celebration here, they have a special dish called ¨fiambre¨ which is like a gigantic salad covered in every different type of meat possible from fish to beef to eggs to pork to anything anything anything meat. It’s also the day in which everybody visits the cemeteries, and so all of us me and my district will be spending the better part of the day contacting in the cemetery passing out pamphlets and talking about the Plan of Salvation hahaha.

We had a baptism here Saturday, Alfredo Paniagua Ortiz. He was already very prepared since before we came in, we just helped him put his baptismal date sooner, he was already ready. Elder Mendiz performed the baptism which was super special seeing that he only has about 3 weeks in the mission, can you believe that? I had to wait nearly 6 months for my first baptism! Besides the baptism the rest of the day really stinked, not a single lesson and during the baptismal service I felt sick. This was my second time in the mission throwing up, but this time I had diarrhea at the same time and had to do a bit of a helicopter movement between the two...but the next day I was feeling perfectly fine like nothing had happened so all is well. Yuck....

al pictures show I was able to do some divisions with Elder Lusty who happens to be my Zone Leader also. It was so awesome! we had a blast, but the best part of all was in the night time we stayed awake talking for hours in the dark about spiritual things, and talking about how our missions have been sealed in time, and we felt like God had said ¨it was good¨ kinda strange but the spirit testified to us so strongly that night about it that I wet the pillow crying. I had not felt my heavenly fathers love so strongly since I can remember! I can’t remember anything more sweet or desirable that that feeling of the Holy Spirit. I imagine that in Heaven when I always feel like that I’ll just go around crying all the time for being so happy. hmmmm

I don’t know why but I seem less animated for the work lately, I don’t know if it’s the start of hard times or if I’m just really old in the mission, but I honestly DONT want to feel unanimated, I want to work with all my mind and strength and I will, so there is no problem.
I love you guys so much and honestly miss you all, be smart and safe, I will see you all soon.
Elder Bronson

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