Monday, October 17, 2011

It’s true, I know it’s true. The Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ, everything. It’s all true.

Haha your sunbeam class looks fun, that Milk and Cookies book brings back memories. And you got my package! Whoo! Sorry for not sending the cassette tape I don’t think it’s finished yet...wait I think I finished one and there is another in the workings? Did I ever send you the one from when I was in Lomas Del Norte? If not I’ll go look for it and see if I can send it on back.

Well the changes were very surprising this time; it was COMPLETELY different than what I was thinking it was going to be. It looks like I will be spending the next 3 months (or ending my mission) in Santa Elena. Remember good ol' Santa Elena? I’ve been there before...ONE YEAR AGO. I was there with Elder Segura and Elder Velasquez, and now I’m there training Elder Mendiz, from Peru. He’s a loveable little character and wants work. He learns quickly which is good because there is a lot to learn, on both ends. I have now been called to be a District Leader over a district entirely of sister missionaries, 4 of them. And the phones don’t work yet so we are trying to work around that problem.

It’s definitely weird being in this area again I recognize a ton of people and am trying to remember names and places. The harder part is looking for the newer investigators that the other missionaries left and the recent converts. Remember Martin de la Cruz, my first baptism? Well he long since went a bit off the path but now that I’m back I’ve made it a personal mission here to help him come back to the church. Him and his family.

This week has gone a bit slow, I’m not used to not knowing a ton of people to visit, and the rain. THE RAIN. It’s been raining loco here all week and it’s been 10 times colder than Coban. Today I went to the supermarket and bought another blanket...and a watch, just not having good luck with those nasty watches, but so essential! Man this week has gone by a little ¨lento¨ it seems like last Monday was FOREVER ago. Haha coming down from Coban we stayed with the office elders in their big nice house. Upstairs they have a ton of beds for missionaries that stay the night in such occasions and I’ve always been a bit of a ¨top bunk¨ guy. I guess one of the top bunks was old and weak and when I jumped up on broke and fell! I’m sure glad I just happened to fall on a mattress haha. I’m even happier that nobody was below me.

I want to share a special spiritual experience that I had this week. Last Friday we were visiting the de la Cruz family and talking to them about the Restoration of the Gospel, knowing that if they can find a testimony that will help them more than anything to reactive and go to church on Sunday. I offered the final prayer. I have heard of instances when the missionaries would pray together with their investigators to help them receive an answer from God about the message, so it came to mind when I was praying. In my prayer I asked, ¨Father, is the Book of Mormon true?" Was Joseph Smith a prophet? ¨ even before ending my question I felt inside me, for the first recountable time in my life that great peace. I’ve felt the spirit a thousand times but never an answer like this.
It’s true, I know it’s true. The Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ, everything. It’s all true. It felt like something in my chest, a peace that rose from within me and filled me from the inside out. I could tell that they could feel it too, in the way they smiled after the prayer. I spent the rest of the night with the largest smile that my face could possibly fit, and a little bigger. Now it’s time to really testify to these people, I hope you all do the same. Ask God, if you have never really received an answer, ask him with all sureness of heart, confirming  your faith, not asking in doubt but already believing, just asking for a confirmation, and remember, that once an answer is received God requires that you share that testimony with others. I advise and invite every one of you to ask for yourself if you never have, and if you have to share it whenever possible, it’s the greatest joy you can feel.

Well with that I think I’m going to end, I’m hoping to have plenty of crazy stories for you all next week, I love you all
Elder Andrew J Bronson

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