Monday, October 24, 2011

I just want to ..I don’t know shout Halleluiah and ¨preach the gospel¨

 Wow sounds like you guys are just living life down there in good ol´ Zion haha.
Here isn’t quite the same story for a lot of people. First of all the weather. Thursday it started to clear up and we didn’t have any more rain for the rest of the week.  Apparently there were a ton of little landslides here that blocked roads and a ton of water damage but life continues as normal. Even though we started seeing some sun during the day in the night time it is FREEZING here! Sheesh it’s cold. God continues to further His work here in this poor part of town, we found a good family who wants to listen to us, he is the guard for our neighborhood and is Catholic and she is Evangelical and they both are listening pretty intently. As for the de la Cruz family I’m not sure what more we can do for Martin, the situation seems a bit tough. Last night we came by his house to talk with him and he looked a little bit sad/nervous so we asked him. He basically told us that he was going to renounce the church because he simply doesn’t have time to go. (bull crap) and we asked further, turns out that he has problems with the Book of Mormon, that and he is just very confused with’s a bit strange trying to talk with him because I just want to ..I don’t know shout Halleluiah and ¨preach the gospel¨ but ...heck I can barley describe it, he’s just really confused. We told him that he needs to begin reading the Book of Mormon again and praying about it, and to help his family to choose the right also. His son Wagner is looking much better. He seems to be animating a bit more and his wife is investigating the church. He came to church last Sunday which was great because we didn’t have a single investigator show up.

We are still living in the same house, the one up the ridiculous stairs and the bathroom and everything down below. Really it’s not too bad of a house we have running water and electricity, owners that take care of any big problems that we have and seem truly interested in our welfare. Apparently they also rent a different house a little farther into the neighborhood that’s a little bit bigger but there isn’t such an INCREADIBLE view of the city like this house has. My companion Elder Mendiz is definitely a bit of an odd little duckling, enough said. Its normal for a new missionary to be a little untrained but he’s got a very unique personality, I’m just very thankful that he has an honest desire to follow the rules. Honestly its great working with him I can see that he will become a great missionary later on, even I was really silly when I started.

This Saturday we will be having a baptism. Alfredo was already prepared by the other missionaries here but we put his baptismal date a little forward (from the 12 of November to the 29th of October) because he’s already ready to do it. We don’t know who is going to do the baptism, he are honestly hoping that Marvin our ward mission leader does it. He is the one who gave us the reference and is also his next door neighbor and a great friend shipper so it’s only smart to do it that way. Contacting in this area is really difficult but we are working it alright. I don’t remember if we have been able to get into more than one door in our time here...

As for the cassette tape I guess I never sent it.  I'll look for it this week, I forgot to look for it last week sorry. Don’t you worry...
My temple recommend is about to expire, can you imagine that? It’s been a while right? My driver’s license already expired a while ago.

Well my beloved and bountifully blessed family I wish with all my heart the guidance and protection of God in all that you do, stay faithful I can’t wait to see you all again!
Elder Andrew Bronson

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