Monday, October 10, 2011

a TON of young men got up to bare their testimony of missionary work and how strong was their testimony!

I’m writing a bit early today because...

They called me yesterday right after lunch to say that I’ll be headed to the train a new missionary! My fourth child, second son. Who will it be...?

Yesterday was spent saying goodbye to everyone and that took all day, the area is really big and there were a lot of people to say goodbye to. Even just saying goodbye to everyone I found more people to teach than my companion (we were doing divisions with some young men in our ward). It’s incredible to see how much the ward has changed since Elder Opazo came in; I swear he has some sort of gift as a missionary. We did an activity with the young men giving a prize for those who come out the most with us. One star for coming out, 2 stars for all day and 3 stars for Sunday all day or nasty nasty weather. We had some good competition going! We had been doing it for one full month now until today, and yesterday something incredible happened. It was fast and testimony meeting, and a TON of young men got up to bare their testimony of missionary work and how strong was their testimony! Some of their testimonies were so strong in fact that some of the investigators whom we sat by were amazed at just how animated and strong our young men are. It really touched me because some of them really had tough times when we left like not finding investigators all day or horrible weather, but man! and it’s such a difference that what it was before...before we couldn’t get any of them out with us but they keep on asking us now, ¨when are we leaving next? when are we leaving next?¨ last night I was with one of the young men named Emerson and all night he was telling me that now that I was leaving he needed a new companion...awww I'll miss him. I hope to do some cool missionary action at home, I wonder how differently missionary work works in Mormonville.

This change has been super fast, but this last week waiting to hear changes has been super slow, I can’t believe it already ended. Off to the cap again! Who knows maybe in change conference they will send me to Petén still or if I’m destined to die (end my mission) in the capital city of Guatemala. honestly it doesn’t matter too much to me where I work, I had my time outside the capital and it was absolutely fantastic, I’m going to miss all the green for sure...owwww

Can you guys believe that I only have 4 MONTHS left in the mission? Only 3 changes and 2 of those will be with my new companion who I will be training. today I leave at 2 on a big ´ol bus called Monja Blanca to the cap for like 5 hours to sleep in the house of the assistants and the office elders to (hopefully) eat a ton of pizza, and tomorrow....TEMPLE oh how I miss the temple...

Hey Wes,
Officially a MAN. Congratz little bro, I can’t wait to see you again. Tonight, I party for you.

Alrighty alrighty alrighty, you all know my love, my peace be with you, my peace I give unto you ¨CHILL¨. Hehe hey I love you guys a ton and can’t wait to see you all including you Charly, will you remember me little buddy? I bet ya so...

Take care everyone, till next week
Elder Andrew James Bronson

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