Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm trying to work hard enough for 3 people

Well with my new companion Elder V. things go alright... he’s not the most perfectly obedient or hard working missionary (for example he’s on facebook with headphones on right now...I betcha I could find both those things in the mission manual pretty quick) but we get along fine and I’m trying to work hard enough for 3 people ha! I think I've said this but he’s Guatemalan, really short and his way of teaching is more like a frontal attack than sharing the gospel, and we don’t have companionship study and some days even a morning comp prayer. I too still have a lot to improve but little by little right? When I was with Elder Vargas we cooked for each other for a while, with Elder Bowman we were together lunches but breakfast and dinner were separate. With Elder Segura and now with Elder V. we eat separately, its just easier that way because I like my things and he likes his things, and really after working hard and walking so much we’re too exhausted to cook a big meal so we cook our separate small quick ones. Life here has improved just a little bit with the addition of a Microwave in our kitchen! Really I enjoy better using the stove but the microwave has a timer that lets me know how much time left I have to munch! I haven’t had really any companions who like to tract (or as we say here more often Contact) but we do our share, there’s a new rule that president Torres indicated just last Wednesday that every contact should and needs to include an invitation to be baptized! This will lower our new investigator count and contacting but will result in investigators who are ready and willing to comply with commitments and aren’t a sad, but true waste of time. It’s sad when people don’t receive us but I believe it’s more like we are a gift, and if they don’t want it now there will be other missionaries later.

As for cake or the things you guys sent me I haven’t had a chance to make anything because I don’t have an oven, but the muffin mix said it can be used as berry pancakes with flour and eggs so I'm going to try that. The toys I haven’t had a change to hand out, maybe I’ll carry some around in my bag in case of an opportunity.

That’s incredible with the call! Congratulations Justin! And what a mission! I suppose its English but alls well haha Honolulu, that’s almost a good a call as mine! Sorry pal but mine has Book of Mormon sites, jungles, volcanoes, Spanish, drunk guys and stray dogs. Can’t top that. ok Ojalá Brandyns next, that kid needs to get his big fat bum on a mission! I’ll be reading his email next so I don’t have too much news for on that subject, los siento.

Hmm what else to write...random stuff that comes to my head I guess. I can do a pretty good set of pull ups now; I don’t have anything to do it at home but when I have the chance its pretty fun to do so. Oh work wise, in our area there lives a family, Peque (peh-kay) who has listened to the missionaries for a good long time now, since maybe 3-4 transfers ago that were progressing but stopped, and now with the help of the Lord and Elder Davis during divisions they have been a bit more animated. The father Edy hadn’t come to church for a good long time. He works making things out of leather and baking a bit of bread on the side to support his family of 3 kids. Luis doesn’t come to church because he likes to play soccer on Sundays and doesn’t want to give it up just yet. The other two are daughters, Dairin and Joselin of around 9 and 8 that have come to the church about 14 times and attend English class regularly, but they can’t be baptized without the permission of their father. So during divisions with Elder Davis we finally got in to talk to them and we talked about baptizing his two daughters. He said that since he’s not at this time attending the church he wouldn’t be comfortable with his daughters being baptized, separating the family religiously. We talked about it with him and clarified some points of doctrine, some doubts, and for the first real time he accepted a baptismal date to work toward. Later we visited with Elder Valasques and taught him about the Priesthood and invited him, if only for an hour, to come to church with his kids this Sunday. Came Sunday and we didn’t have time to pass by to remind them or bring them, just pray for them a bit haha. Lo and behold we found him at the church with his daughters before we were even there. I believe they are very close to being ready for baptism, just have to clear any doubts and worries.

Also Angelo, Martin’s son is attending the church and I heard from his teacher later that he wanted to be part of passing the sacrament! This kid is incredible and I can’t wait to teach him more.

That’s all for this week folks I still have to attach pictures and email Brando, essential. Love you more than I can possibly write or say, pray for you every moment. Have a good safe spiritual love filled amazing week.

Elder Bronson

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  1. Tamsin, those can't possibly be Andrew's shoes after only 8 months! it makes me cry! I'm so proud of how hard he is working through so much adversity. He will be blessed so much for his obedience and diligence.