Monday, October 25, 2010

Really the work is going alright

Ha! What attractive young ready for a mission! Haha I like the ¨Mr. Happy¨ and ¨Mr. Happy on Eggnog¨ pictures. The picture of the snowy yard and the burb made me think about home...and snow! That will be weird in a year and a half. For the past 3 or 4 weeks now it’s been nothing but sun sun sun here and I love it! Both of my pairs of shoes have holes walked into the bottom so I’m not so exited for rain, one little puddle and DANG my socks wet and I'm subjected to a day of ¨squish-squash squish-squash¨. I swear my socks work better as sponges than anything else. Oh and I'll need to buy a new umbrella; I tossed my old nasty broken one about 5 weeks ago when it decided to bite me when I opened it. Grumble grumble. Who needs you; you don’t protect me anyway! Darn rusty thing. Haha...I mean thanks for working for 1 week mr. 30 quetzal umbrella.

Hmmmmmmm ya last week I was talking a lot about my companion, well things have somewhat calmed down but he still is a little...I dunno. He's been reading this big old report or book or something about these two missionaries in a conference with leaders from a ton of other religions. The entire thing is super bible bashing and what we call in Spanish pelear, or peleando, kinda just like your religion is so wrong because of this and this and this! Oh no YOUR religion is untrue because the bible this and that. He likes to pelear. It’s incredibly frustrating. He has SO much time in the mission but it seems to me like he doesn’t know how to effectively work with people and help them learn. I’m just saying if anyone came to my door and taught me how the Mormons did all these things wrong because Joseph Smith this or Book of Mormon that I wouldn’t listen at all and just tell them to get out of my face and not come back if all they want to do is bite me about my beliefs. We were contacting not to long ago, and came upon a house with an old man. I started out and all was well; he seemed to give just a little interest in what we were saying...until E.V. started to give his shpeel.  I'll skip the rest and say that for and hour and a half he fought with this man saying Catholics this Catholics that, Book of Mormon prophets blah blah blah. He laughed at the man's beliefs and was like ...WHAT?? whenever the man said anything of what he believes. I was dying; so how was he? I’m just sad because now he’s going to think badly about the missionaries and the church FOREVER. So many times it’s ...oh those missionaries only want to throw their religion at me and baptize me! To say the least it hurts.

Really the work is going alright. We have 7 baptismal dates, one with Angelo, Martin's son, for this Saturday. One for the family of Bother Peque and one for a newly found family who is so incredible. They are a very young couple, Alex and Diana, they have one little boy Alonzo (he’s actually the 3rd, but the other two died). They aren’t married and he’s looking for work but they are trying so hard. When we taught them the Plan of Salvation, Alex talked a lot and Diana was so perfectly focused and interested in what we were saying, I guess hearing that you might see your children again would do that. Just a few days ago we taught them about the restoration and after asked them if they would read and pray to know if it’s true, Diana responded that we’ve done SO much to help them already that she already believes what we are saying is the truth. How incredible it was to hear something like that! When we talked to them about their divorce so that they could be baptized we heard the next day that they were already well on their way to doing it. Elder Davis a few days ago saw them and talked briefly. They told him that they were there working on their papers of divorce to they can get baptized. They are golden! I can’t wait to help them change their lives.
I think that’s the biggest news for this week folks, thanks for tuning in. I love you all so very much and I know that the Lord loves you. Keep it strong, I pray for you all by name. Have an amazing week! Go play in that fluffy white stuff that doesn’t exist here!

Les amo mas que puedo decir,

Elder Bronson

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