Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween exists here but they don’t do much because it’s so dangerous at night!

Yay another pday and time to write my beloved family...

Halloween exists here but they don’t do much because it’s so dangerous at night! ...and nobody has a ton of money to spend on candy. Instead they have some sort of holiday today the 1st of November. I'm not sure what it is but it makes the guys running the bus demand double. A whole 2 quetzales! That’s like 25 cents!! Sheesh.
Drawn while Elder V. was bible bashing with an
investigator about angels
I am not always sure what to say about my comp because one day it will be terrible and the next it will be just fine. This is the first relationship in my entire life where when we fight we get along better with each other. This has happened twice. I've honestly learned a ton because of him (I don’t know if I'd say from him but because of him maybe) about how to improve and be more Christ like in even the little things that don’t seem to matter, but really make all the difference. Changes are about a week and a half away and I’ve already received secret news from Elder Davis that he’s going to get a change and I’m going to stay here. I really like this area and there is SO much more I need to do here so I’m super exited to stay longer.

Last Saturday we had another baptism! Could you guess who it is? Angelo de la Cruz, son of Martin de la Cruz whom I baptized about a month ago. And who performed the ordinance? HIS FATHER. The kid is incredible. He was the only one of his family besides his mother who hadn’t already been baptized and he might be the most faithful next to his dad. The water was cold and his dad had to do the ordinance a number of times because he didn’t have to prayer perfect (he only has a month being a member so I don’t blame him). Nonetheless by the time they got it Angelo the poor little guy was shivering like crazy. What a real trooper. the next day on Sunday they weren’t planning on being able to make it to church for some super big thing with the family (martins very first time being absent since we found him about 2 months ago) so bishop Paredes wasn’t planning on doing it, but Angelo came to church anyway, just a bit late for a usual confirmation. The bishop knowing he was there didn’t do anything about it and even though Angelo was present they didn’t confer upon him the Holy Ghost. (Our bishop isn’t very helpful...even to the sister missionaries) when Elder Davis heard he was MAD. He told me that even though Martin and everyone were in a super hurry they where running to church and when they got there (E. Davis was outside) his dad told Angelo Go! Go! Hurry for your confirmation! Run!..But the bishop didn’t do it. Ugh. Angelo the incredible spirit he is didn’t murmur or anything, what a trooper.

During church also one of the Sister missionaries investigators, also named Martin, told me he wanted me to be the one to baptize him (sister missionaries don’t have the priesthood and so cant baptize), his baptism is scheduled for next Sunday early in the morning.

I am using the oils from time to time specially the roll on oil for acne. It has been helping a ton. As for more essential oils right now I think the supply is still good, no need to worry.

Something funny or awesome hmm? Well I just continue the email I guess

So! One thing, on Tuesday 2 things really. One was my companion doesn’t know the meaning of COMPANIONSHIP even after 22 months. He abandoned me 3 times in one morning going over to a neighbor kid’s house to do who-knows-what. One minuet studying, the next I’m alone and he’s nowhere to be found. I tried to talk about it and he got MAD. Aye-aye elder...2, when we were walking the hill back home in the night there’s a bus that parks up there and they gave us a lift up the hill, a small act of random kindness. Saturday 2 things as well. 1 I spent the morning with Elder Davis while both of our companions went on a little division to help somebody repair their car (Elder Plata, Davis´ companion is a great mechanic) me and Davis talked a ton, he’s an incredible missionary and I’m SO glad he’s here in the same district as me. The other, when we passed by Martin to walk with him over to the church for the baptism we came in the sheet metal door and the first thing he said when he saw me was ¨ah! mi salvación!¨ haha it feels incredible to have helped someone come to the knowledge of the restored gospel, I really feel like I already accomplished a lot on my mission, and I still have like 15 months. SO EXITED!

Alright one last thing I think, buying groceries today was a little different. When I was talking to Elder Davis part of it was about how he’s trying to keep healthy, and has replaced all his nasty foods for healthy things, like fruit for snacks and stuff. I went shopping with him today and tried the same. Practically all I bought was fruit, veggies, granola and oats, yogurt and all sorts of deliciousness. And a cheap blender. SWEET. That and I’m working out every day now minus Sundays haha! I’m hoping to really change my body and get fit and healthy, maybe when I get back we can have a ¨who is the healthiest¨ contest ha!
Well love you all and keep it safe please, I always pray for you. An interesting scripture to look up is D&C 35:13. Oh and I have a question for the day:
¨according to Lehi, what flavor was the fruit of knowledge of good and evil? ¨ the answer is in 2nd Nephi 2:15


Elder Bronson

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