Monday, November 29, 2010

I had my fist tuktuk ride the other day

That’s a ton of snow holy cow; right now here the weather is just about normal. Not too cold and not too hot, a little hotter than cold I think...ha. I was tempted to buy Christmas lights for our room but my companion (it’s his first mission Christmas too) said he’d probably cry every night of sheer bagginess if I did. Oh well maybe next year. And that’s a ton of hair too holy cow it’s a house full of skater boys.

Well............yeah so I already received your Christmas package and the one from the Grigg family, I received them on Thanksgiving Day and have decided to wait on the big package at least until the 8th, the smaller one from the Grigg family I already opened and have already almost eaten everything in it minus the socks haha. My companion Elder Marquez is exited for his stocking too. It just really hit me today that this is my first Christmas of 2, I have an entire year left it only now seems like so much more! Dang...nonetheless I'm not going to be baggy.

I did send you that side bag and it has a couple of last minute things stuffed in too. I hope you enjoy them. Ohh here’s a story; I had my fist tuktuk ride the other day coming back from divisions in Canalitos with Elder Busto. It was too late at night for the buses to be safely running and there was no other choice. Elder Marquez made me a little nervous about riding one by saying that he was scared of doing so. They are small and kinda rickety, in a recent letter I drew you guys one. It’s like a motorcycle with three little wheels that looks kinda like a little baby jeep. They work kinda like taxis but not as expensive. Honestly on some of the turns it was a bit frightening but overall a pretty cool little ride through the jungly Canalitos at night.

Today was a bit fun too. We celebrated Elder Whited´s 20th birthday eating at a member’s house. While waiting for the food we played Jenga and I didn’t lose; I felt pretty good with myself. On one of my turns I took like 3 and a half minutes trying to remove one precarious block. After we started playing ¨Scum¨ which is a Boy Scout camp card game with face cards that was pretty intense. We eventually started playing with added rules and it got even more so. I was king one time and scum the last two rounds, ouch my cards stunk. It was all fun though. We had ice-cream and chocolate cake too it was yummy.

In the work all seems to go alright... we only have one sure baptismal date for this Saturday a young boy named Ever. His whole family is ready except his parents are struggling with a divorce with previous spouses and a remarriage! not all that rare in Guatemala... our other interested investigator had something happen in the family in which he had to move away and only visits randomly once a week. DANG. Pray for new golden investigator families aright? Haha we really need the help the area is very rich and everybody knows ¨Los Mormónes¨ and how to get them to go away. Still trying though!

Well as always super much love to one and to all, hope thanksgiving was great, mine we just ate more than usual and called it good. Take care of yourselves I love you way too much for anything to happen. I dearly want to see you ALL when I get home ;) but I know you are safe, God is watching over you and we have already seen evidence of that right ha. Stay strong in the family prayer and scriptures alright? It’s the basic things that bring the big blessings. Prayer, scripture study, church, tithing. Don’t forget the others but those 4 are pretty important.

Can’t wait till Christmas when I can call you! What a present right?

Elder Bronson

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  1. I loved how he shared his feelings on being gone for almost a year. My missionary just left today and I'm already dying :( I hope it goes by this fast for me too!! What a wonderful missionary :)