Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My new companions name is Elder Vindel

Oooh Wesley had a professional shave mmmhhhhmmm. I remember my fist shave...out of 3... Yeah I just don’t have a hairy face. And as always I'd like to say DANG you all look so different ahhhhhhhhhh...but that’s understandable because I look a bit different too.
Alright question time!

Have you fixed your shoes????? Please take care of your feet. 1. Yup I bought shoes just a bit ago, right before emails I decided it was time when the last pair I owned started putting holes in all my socks and started eating my toes to a nice brilliant red chaffing.

Please re-size your pictures before you send them. Your last email didn’t arrive at our house until 9 pm and your pictures were 1 or 2 MB in size. . Alright I didn’t think about it earlier but I’ll start resizing them for y´all.

Share with us some Guatemala Christmas traditions that you have learned so far. Christmas traditions in Guat? Tamales. And more tamales. everything tamales. There’s eggnog down here did you know that? Not a single person knows what the heck it is but its here. Really Christmas is nearly the same after all the tamales. Lights on the rich peoples houses, Christmas trees and Christmas hymns. Santa everywhere and big 'ol wreaths and all. A merry Guatemalan Christmas to you all! Ho ho ho!

It’s been an interesting week I’d say. Tuesday… on Tuesday the owners of the house decided to repaint where we live so the house was all messy and things where everywhere when we got a call at 2 o’ clock telling Elder Marquez that he has an hour to pack his things, he’s headed for Coban on an emergency change. It got really chaotic after that and we rushed to do everything and get down to the bus station where we were put with other elders for a bit. I was with Elder Seppi my missionary brother (Elder Bowman was his dad, or first companion, and Bowman was also my second trainer, or my missionary mom) we’re great friends and it was awesome being legitimate companions for 3 hours. We all met up in Zone Alemada with Elder (Michael) Smith the holiest elder of them all and another personal friend of mine. He told me ¨hopefully you can help your new comp out a lot.¨ Wheee… another elder with something to solve. Does President think I help people that much? Personally I'm not so sure but it’s the Lords way right? I was put with a new elder and sent back to Lomas. My new companions name is Elder Vindel, my fourth Latino companion in a row that doesn’t know a single spot of English but by now I can communicate just about perfectly in Spanish anyway. He’s from El Salvador and has 4 more months than I do.

The week was rough. Elder Marquez knew when people would be home and the whole ward too, I know the names and the places but not the times so we were left to wander without direction quite a few times. I could feel he was frustrated with me; he hardly talked and always walked behind me instead of next to me. On Friday night it came down to it. He told me that he wanted to call the President and go home and when I tried to motivate him he just said quietly under his breath that he didn’t want to even talk to me anymore. Just a moment after we entered into our appointment. This family needs alot of love right now, their son of 10 years wanted very badly to be baptized but President said he has to wait for his family to be baptized with him; the problem is that they can’t for a divorce issue with prior spouses. We could tell they were all disappointed and I didn’t know what to do, but Elder Vindel stepped in and showed some real concern and love for the wellbeing of their family that really touched them and me. The rest of the night we were both filled with the spirit and incredibly happy to be here helping people. It was one of the best nightly planning sessions I've ever had and since then we’ve been working more in tune with the spirit, having more success and much more cooperation and companionship between us.

That’s my missionary story of the week hope you all are filled with love. How was the Christmas devotional for you all? I thought it was INCREADIBLE. I guess when your on your mission everything spiritual is amazing as so.

Have a merry Christmas everyone, this Wednesday I’m opening my Christmas package, it just so happens to be the same day as the missions Christmas party so it will be an exiting day. I love you all and I know that this is truly the work. The Gospel is true and really fixes and gives purpose to our lives. I know the Book of Mormon to be the literal word of God and Joseph Smith truly a man called of God to restore the plenitude of the Gospel of Jesus Christ here on the earth. I love you all more than I can say and wish you always the best. I’m always praying for you.

Elder Bronson

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