Monday, December 13, 2010

Much love to all and to all a Merry Christmas

Oohhy yea I had a fun time opening my package, I'm not going to lie the socks might have been the most needed thing, or maybe the music haha. Since buying new socks and new shoes walking has been AMAZING I feel like I could run everywhere and not get tired. The sweets where just far too numerous so I had to share a ton with my companion. Thanks a ton for the music it’s well loved here, specially the CD This is the Christ, it has helped me to feel the spirit a lot more.

Did I already tell you that there was an emergency change a bit ago and I have a new companion Elder Vindel? Another Latino companion without any English but at this point it doesn’t matter at all the language. I gave the stocking to Elder Marquez when he left as a present from me and for Elder Vindel we’ve been sharing all the candy and jerky. Elder Vindel is pretty cool, he’s more serious (by a lot) than Elder Marquez, and at first it was hard because he was a little frustrated over the transfer and the fact that I still didn’t know the area absolutely perfect. I've been being as charitable as possible, cooking breakfasts, always sharing everything and giving complement whenever appropriate and things have been going well between him and me. When he’s mad he doesn’t talk at all but when something spiritual and awesome happens and he’s happy life is great. Were pretty good friends.

For the Christmas party we met at the church in Molino Zone 6 with a couple of zones and it was a big ol zone meeting. Talks from president and a tiny Christmas presentation but I was with Elder Winkle the whole time and with a ton of my friends so we had a blast. The food too was great.

Hmmmm spiritual experiences. You said you had a dream about me? Saturday morning was just like any other, I think I might have had a dream too, and you mom were in it. For a part of it you were here with me. It was a pretty fun dream a lot of secret passages and it was mission related. As for sad and grim things I don’t know...saturday-sundayish I was feeling pretty frustrated over not having any investigators or any baptismal dates, especially on Sunday morning when NONE of our investigators came to church, not even the awesome ones. We were expecting a ton to come and none did. It continued until Sunday night when we were able to meet with some investigators and help them to accept a baptismal date. Hopefully we will be able to put a couple more and actually find some success and baptisms in this hard area! I invite all to pray haha

Saturday night I had a pretty cool experience. We were with some recent converts Marco and his wife MariaJos√© and also Eric. This was a story that I haven’t heard. Eric and MariaJos√© were married and had some kids but after a while came another guy (Not Marco, someone else) who pretty much destroyed their marriage and they separated, where MariaJos√© later married with Marco. Eric still lives very nearby and visits extremely often to watch after his kids. He and Maria don’t have any problems anymore together. He’s pretty confused about temple sealing for his kids, for if Marco and Maria are sealed in the temple would all the kids be sealed to them and him left out or would they be sealed to Eric and Maria as blood children. When it was just us two and him I had a thought come into my mind, a phrase of my patriartical blessing where it says that people will come to me for advice and basically I will help perfect the lives of a lot of people. It that point I felt like I should almost act like a councilor to Eric, and as we were talking we felt the spirit very strongly. I told him to start again to do the small things like read the Book of Mormon and pray, pay tithing and go to church and he would find happiness again in his life. I hope I helped him.

Today was really fun too, we went to a place called Tikal Futura and played bowling! I played a very fair game and actually won, all with plenty of divine help. Afterwards we Chili’s!! Oh how tasty! I bought a mushroom swiss burger and fries and decided after the Christmas season (or after I run out of chocolate) I’ll eventually be healthy again. I’m still doing 30 pushups before breakfast lunch and diner as many days as I can minus Sundays.

Once again, I’m sorry, these computers here in Meta Terminal just don’t like to use my camera so I can’t send any pictures this week but I’ll get on that. My memory card is nearly chock full of pictures all the way back to Juana de Arco with Elder Vargas!! When that finally fills to its bursting point I’ll send it home to you guys, I’m sure you will enjoy that a bit ;D. The other memory card I’m working on putting a ton of videos on it just for you guys, that will be done...when it also gets full.

Much love to all and to all a Merry Christmas, I’m super exited to talk to you all! That will be a wonderful present for both of us. I miss everyone a ton and just want you to know that all is going well here, I just hope all is super well at home, I have to be careful not to let my mind wander to me being home with you guys for Christmas, that would be dangerous. Gatta focus!

I truly love you all with all my heart, be safe and be strong, please; it’s the biggest present you could ever give me.

Elder Andrew Bronson

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