Monday, December 20, 2010

I’m pretty sure we found the location of Heck, right here in Guatemala. I saw the hole!

Wow mom you really do look different with darker hair, the picture with you turned around to see how long your hair is I almost thought you took a picture of Kinsey or Brandyn's girlfriend or someone but the next picture clarified that.

Exited for that Christmas call?? I'll let you know I am but I have no idea what to talk about, I usually talk about everything in my emails, maybe you guys should think up some good questions or something haha. How did we do it mothers day? Or should I call you guys first to give you the number or should I just call on one of the numbers you gave me. I'm thinking Christmas day the 25th, at what time? In the night or the morning. Maybe if you can write me back quick.

This morning was change conference, I thought me and Elder Vindel would both stay in the area but I guess not. He only had 3 weeks in Lomas Del Norte when they called him out again, to Coban! Darn that’s 2 in a row. Well now I’m with Elder Centeno, my 5th Latino companion in a row. We’ve only been together for a couple of hours but he honestly seems like a pretty cool guy. He has 3 months in the mission, this is his 2nd area and I’m his 3rd companion, the first white guy. He’s from Nicaragua (how ever you spell that...) which is a little south of Honduras and El Salvador. He said he used to be a DJ and likes (like every other Latino on the planet) to play soccer and basketball.

Oh something super cool today! Have you guys ever heard of that giant hole in Guatemala? Its in zone 2, look it up. While waiting for the change conference to start we found out that a street down from where the chapel was at was the giant hole! We walked over there and the police who were guarding it said we couldn’t enter the big sheet metal fence around it but we could look through the door. IT EXISTS! I saw the hole. It’s BIG really really big. And smells terrible. I’m pretty sure we found the location of Heck, right here in Guatemala. I saw the hole!

Yesterday we went down into the depths of our area (I swear that every area has some sort of secret place or depth or height that’s fun to explore) in a Colonia called Los Pinos. It gets dangerous at night but its super cool. we visited an inactive family that we found (this is Sunday by the way) and they live in the bottom of the depths, and behind their house it goes down even farther to a little canal of nasty water. They said they needed help so we followed them all the way down there and walked a ways. There were mini waterfalls and the sounds of the creek, tons of trees and natural sounds. We followed for a ways before coming to a path that led strait up a hill through dense underbrush until we arrived at the place. Their family was chopping wood for the fire and were looking for some type of extra special wood, I think it’s the sappy part of the tree trunk, the orangey part. Due to the adventure and the landscape and the prospect of physical service I was completely overtaken by excitement and adventure and forgot that it was Sunday and did a whole bunch of wood chopping work. Jesus said that it’s alright to do good on the Sabbath right? Anyway when Elder Vindel was chopping I sat down and took in the landscape. It was so beautiful! There on the other side of the ravine was a forest of trees, above was a sunset, behind me and above me where hundreds and hundreds of small speedy little birds chirping and flying acrobatically. The smell from the tree trunk was rich and enjoyable and the sounds of the creeks below could still be heard. It was a moment of absolute splendor that I wish I could have taken in for a lot longer, a moment that I hope not to forget. It made me all the more want to go north to Petén or Coban or Polochik! I want to see cool things so bad!

Well tons and tons of love and Christmas spirit to you all, and thank you Kinsey for the dearelder! Thanks to everyone for their love and support and prayers, you’re all in mine. Love you all more than I can say!

Elder Bronson

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