Monday, December 27, 2010

Service turns into a teaching opportunity

Wow Scott you’re BIG dang, probably ganna be a lot bigger than me when I get back. I've lost a ton of weight here so far but I don’t have time to work on getting buff, just my push ups and sit ups that I have to make myself do every morning. Wow it looks like it was a great Christmas back home, here it was a fairly normal day filled with missionary work and testifying of the only true gospel.

On Sunday something great happened. A few days ago we did service on the street shoveling a ton of dirt into a house that’s going to put in a concrete floor. We didn’t know it at the time (kinda guessed it) that we were answering the mothers prayers for help, all she had was a small group of rowdy boys, some of them still very young. We were headed for a less active member family early when we happened upon the chance to offer service. The mother, Blanca, wanted us to come back this Sunday so that we could talk to her husband Mario. They had been visited by sister missionaries a long time ago. On Sunday we arrived at the house to see a man behind the doors little window see us and shut the window quickly. We decided to talk anyway. We came to the door where he answered, but didn’t seem very interested in letting us in, we asked if we could talk to Blanca again and he went to get her. We talked to her for a bit, she had talked to him and he didn’t want anything, which really upset her; she wants us to help him really bad. We talked in the doorway for a few minutes when we asked her if we could talk to him again and she went to ask. She returned and opened the door to let us in. Inside the door we sat down on the step and taught them there. We told them how the family is important to God and the Gospel blesses families more than anything. It turned into a lesson one situation where we talked about how Jesus founded his church but it was rejected, and then restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. How they can pray to know if this is true and by the power of the Holy Ghost they can receive an answer. They said that they are going to pray and I think they meant it, at least Blanca did, I could see it. At the end they asked us to come back next Sunday to share a little bit more, I really hope they pray! Their little child is sick with a nasty fever, were thinking of explaining what a priesthood blessing is next time to see if we can give the child one.

As for my companion Elder Centeno, all is awesome. He’s really spiritual and a great hard worker. With him we have really been following the spirit and found some great success. The only thing is that sometimes it’s a little quiet walking together; we should talk a little bit more.

Dang I really miss you guys, I keep thinking of how much I want to call you all again, but I mustn’t be baggy! I must stay strong! BARE TESTIMONY. I hope all goes well in the family, especially for those who are a little sick like Grandpa, he’s in my prayers as well as you guys. Hey keep tabs on Brando, he’s your son too remember.

As for things to send me along with the recorder I haven’t thought of much, I don’t have much necessity right now for anything specific, just your prayers and being active in the church yourselves. I don’t know, surprise me I guess? Haha alright, know that I love you more then I can say, and that I miss you all very, very much. We’ll talk again on Mothers Day, alright?

Love love love,

Elder Bronson

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