Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It’s warm and sunny as ever here, and all things go great.

Blizzards and birthday parties eh? It’s warm and sunny as ever here, and all things go great. The work is picking up with Elder Centeno, he’s a real worker and we get along great but for some reason it’s still a little quiet walking from place to place.

We have a baptismal date for this Saturday with Manuel Lemus, a great guy that has bin investigating the church for years but has never gotten baptized for one reason or another. His son is a return missionary who’s really active in the church but the only member of his household. The only one we were able to get a baptismal date on was his Father Manuel, were hoping that his baptism will help the rest of the family to follow. They attend the church nearly every week and already know all the members. I've heard he’s fallen through with a couple of baptismal dates before...but I really feel good about this time. I’ve already fasted and am thinking of fasting again for his cause, I guess well see.

I’ve only really just realized what it is that makes this area just so hard. We’ve visited with a lot of less active and inactive members, and even some active ones all say the same thing. The ward is a really rich area, and people have a bit of a pride problem that has yet to be solved. A lot o the investigators that we bring to the church see it and some don’t want to come back. There’s a great difficulty trying to friendship people, even though were starting to receive more references. It’s because a lot of the old members have already had high positions in the church and think they don’t have much more to learn from people. some of the members have realized this problem and are getting better, even (and specially) our ward mission leader Raul has been really strong and active about the work, were going to keep trying to clean the glass from the inside before intending to fill it with ´´new wine´´ as says the Savior himself.

It’s great to hear you are all doing well, the boys should be back in school now, and it’s about the same here. Hope their studies go well. Its still cool that their being more active with skateboarding and lacrosse. hmmm I don’t know things just seem so normal hear there’s nothing really super new to report, except I'm always dreaming really weird things. Brandyn is always in there somewhere, and sometimes were together for the entire dream. I guess I'm just really anxious that he would leave on a mission.

Wow I’m really blank right now, there’s not much new to write. I made my own chess set last Monday out of cardboard its pretty sweet.

I am sending you some pictures. Some are from a really poor part of my area known as Los Pinos or The Pines(tree) gutting the piggy! Others are of Elder Vindel and Elder Centeno, one is of little kids in my area with new Christmas presents of bouncy balls you sent me, and one is a Baggy entry for Elder Snell. I like to write in baggy because it’s my chance to be artistic!

Tons of love! Do something crazy for me at home, I miss you guys a ton, stay safe and stay spiritual. Have every boy (including dad) to find a favorite scripture to help them through the hard times and next week I want to hear what they are ok? It helps trust me.

Elder Bronson

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