Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I felt just like Joseph Smith!

You boys are nuts you know that? Man I miss you guys, but the work here has been going faster and faster since being with Elder Centeno. We have personally been going kinda rough though, I don’t know why it is exactly that no matter how much I serve, how much I try and how many times I say HELP ME TO BECOME BETTER Latino companions of mine always hate me for small and stupid things. He’s a good missionary, a little new and untrained but sometimes its really hard to even get him to talk, other times he talks to much to the members and we lose a ton of time but really I shouldn’t complain because every time I am with someone who seems hard I learn more than if I was with someone who would easily work with me. So far in this change we have worked 4 weeks, at the end of every week we add up our new investigators lessons and people contacted to make a ¨animo¨ percentage basically how hard and/or effectively you’ve been working. this has been our progress
week 1 75%
week 2 72%
week 3 80%
week 4 92%
 The numbers look good in our area and we are definitely doing the best percentage wise but still no baptisms, our truly interested or pure hearted investigators have a bunch of strange problems and were trying hard to fix em. One family is super active in the church and love everything but can't because were married earlier and it’s the OTHER wives or husbands who don’t want to give the divorce without a ridiculous ransom of money.

Saturday we did some service trying to pull out this HUGE tree trunk, but that’s not coming out without a chainsaw. Afterward we walked by a garbage dump down in Elder Hatches area. People come with their wheelbarrows full of junk and it’s basically a public place to say ¨not my problem anymore¨ it’s also the reason that there are like 500 vultures in the sky everyday. They are huge but they don’t harm the people.

Oh! One of the apostles is coming down to Guatemala and we have a chance to see him! One of the members in our ward was putting together a presentation for him about the EFY they had down here and they call me to help do some translating work! I felt just like Joseph Smith! It was incredible to feel the spirit as I translated the whole thing, I can definitely say there is a gift from a higher power without which I would have been helpless. We also helped put up a sheet metal roof (or finish doing so) for service. On Tuesday I finished to book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time! Yea! Everything else is the usual finding people and teaching them the restored truth. Its life to me now. Sometimes ill think about home and it will just seem weird. Just something that other people do.

Alright gatta go, love you all more than I can say and you are all in my dreams prayers and thoughts. Work hard and keep yourselves pure!

Elder Andrew James Bronson

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