Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 349 in the field

Wow I guess my year point is that close! Only a pair of weeks and its back down the hill, wow that was fast...

Well our work has been getting better and better every week, these last days have been so-so for the work but pushing forward and following the spirit we have found some new investigators. I'm still with Elder Centeno and we will be going to the Temple tomorrow, HOW EXITING!! The only thing I can really comment on in our companionship is that he’s really quiet in the streets. when we are with people he’s making jokes and talking it up all happy but when we are alone its quiet and lonesome, kinda angry without words sometimes I feel but were getting it back together, its all good.

No baptisms yet, but if I stay in this area another change there definitely will be some. Someone we are teaching, Hector Clavaría, just recently has made some progress. He and his family were old investigators of Elder Winkel and Elder Marquez that we found in the street one day. His wife has already joined a church group (evangelical I think) and until this point hasn’t wanted to talk to us for fear of us trying to change her religion, but she has been opening up more are more when we visit. Hector supposedly has a problem with drinking smoking a coffee but we talked to him a day or so ago about the Word of Wisdom. He told us that he doesn’t drink too much nor smoke too often, things that he could quit if he wanted to but the coffee is something he drinks a ton of everyday. He explained that our bodies are like temples, about setting an example for his teenage sons and gave him some commitments. When we put the commitments I really felt the spirit, when we asked him if he would be willing to keep the word of wisdom he smiled and told us yes. At this point both he and his wife want us to talk to their kids who so they say don’t really want much to do with God but want us to try with them.

Last Thursday we had a super special conference with Apostle, Elder M. Russell Ballard. The conference was in English with a Spanish translator. He talked about the worth of just one soul, and like always told a TON of stories. The spirit was strong and we all left the conference really edified and with a new excitement for the work! Then, on Friday I received your package! At this point nearly all the chocolate is gone haha. It didn’t make me TOO baggy but it was really cool to hear all of your voices. You guys were right, part of the tape was in fast forward, and I slowed it down as much a possible but you all sounded like chipmunks anyway. I can’t remember who it was that started crying, but to tell the truth when you hear them start tearing up in chipmunk it sounds so funny!

Sorry guys but no pictures this week the computer doesn’t like my camera, when I can as always I'll send you some alright? Have a good week and keep the faith. I pray for you all nightly and in the morning, and think about you all the time. I love you all so very much and wish you the more than the best.

Elder Andrew James Bronson

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