Monday, November 15, 2010

I feel like a missionary again!


Much love
Ahhh bueno, another Monday and another email! Haza, again happy birthday!

Alright the moment you have been waiting for...transfers...

Got a new area! And a new companion too haha.

My new area is called Lomas Del Norte, and Mrs. Winkel might recognize that name. Elder Winkel served in this area for nearly 6 months and now it’s my area.

It was really a surprise to me to hear that I was the one with the change I expected to be in that area for a lot longer to help out the family De la Cruz. I was kinda sad because by the time we got the call and had the chance to visit everyone I wasn’t able to see Martin and tell him goodbye, only over the phone. Tuesday when saying goodbye to everyone we stopped at the De la Cruz house for a diner goodbye where we had hotdogs! We ended up spending nearly 2 hours there; they really are my family away from family. We spent some time going through baby pictures of Angelo and the family, it was awesome! One of the pictures was of Martin maybe 20 years ago or more when he was back in the army. Holding a chaingun and being buff! Yup, that’s my convert. I was so sad to say goodbye but I had a reassuring feeling that my next area would be good for me, better.

From Juana de Arco up the hill to Santa Elena back down to Lomas del Norte, back to zone Atlántico. My new companion is Elder Marquez (mar-kez) who was one of Elder Winkle’s companions and has the same time as us both, 9 months. Oh ya! Change conference was our 9 month mark, 9 MONTHS MAMA. Last Sunday was your birthday, which also means that it’s my 1 year mark for having my endowments out.

Elder Marquez is from Honduras like my first companion Elder Vargas, he’s super humble and super fun. He reminds me a lot of Elder Winkel because he’s so happy all the time, sure easier to be happy when your companion is too. The house is nicer and bigger, the computer isn’t being very nice and isn’t letting me use my camera to send you pictures so hopefully next week. I remember how the computers here in this area kinda stink...anyway. We found a ton of church pictures and put them up everywhere. In the kitchen there is a sink, and in the bathroom there is also a sink!! We have a ton of pots and pans and cockroaches...yea dad remember before my mission you always joked about cockroaches everywhere? Well in Juana de Arco we had a fruit fly problem and almost a cockroach one, in Santa Elena almost as well with the flies and mosquitoes and now it’s a big cockroach problem! I constantly have to squish em. Eww.

The area is nice, it’s big and really much more beautiful than all my others because it’s much richer. Contacting is hard but there are a TON of members and the ward leaders seem really nice too. Instead of begging for help announcing stuff we just suggest it to the ward mission leader (who in this area is active) and he takes care of it and really helps us out. The colonia lomas del norte looks just like a suburb with LAWNS and everything! It’s incredible! Already I am loving the area and my new companion, we constantly are laughing and teaching, obeying the rules and PLANNING. I feel like a missionary again!

No I have not repaired my shoes and now even my spare pair have wholes in the bottom, lots of walking ha! Today we are going to check out this little shop we saw in our area with a few shoes so hopefully something.

I've been healthy, healthier and healthier trying to eat to a better diet and now my companion was to try eating healthier, I just need some good healthy food meal ideas. We bought another blender so things should go easier. The only thing is just today after our pday activity of dodge ball my stomach felt kinda weird...then I ate taco bell and that didn’t help! I was at one point in the bathroom wondering if I was going to throw up but all was well nothing happened and I'm feeling better. The power of prayer!

I already told you that my new areas hard for contacting, lately we’ve spent a good deal of time looking for new people and nothings been happening. We hardly have ANY investigators right now and we’ve only really visited less active members lately and been asking for references. Hopefully some news soon! Last Thursday when getting to know the area during the day we were offered cake four separate times!

Hmmm I can’t remember really if there was something awesome to tell you guys or not, I'll have to write it next week if I remember it later. Once again sorry for no pictures, dang computer. Oh! One thing is I’m sure you will hear soon from Elder Smiths mom is that he’s going to Polochik! To learn KEKCHI!! You know what that means don’t you? It means that he’s going to be there FOREVER AND ILL NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

We will....eventually...well in the meantime I express my love for all of you, there’s a scripture that really hit me yesterday Moroni 8:16, ¨un amor perfecto desecha todo temor¨ or a perfect love casts out all fear, a great one for missionary work! Much love siempre, más que puedo decir. Please take care of yourselves, I love you.

Elder Bronson

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