Monday, November 22, 2010

It was the jungle adventure I’d been waiting for

SO MUCH SNOW!!! Dang that seems so weird. Here we're having a cold front but por su puesto no hay neive (obviously there isn’t any snow) and wow you all have grown up so much in the past almost year. 9 months haha. Yeah it is true that Christmas time makes missionaries baggy. I'm not a baggy missionary, but a couple days ago I was listening to some amazing Christmas music coming from the members that live in the same house as us and the day was all cloudy and grey. That morning we went to help a member family paint their house (this was Saturday) and everybody was still sleeping in all nice and cozy. It made me want to be home all warm and happy for Christmas but alas, my duty is here and there is nowhere else I’d rather be. Other missionaries would look at a plane and think Oh I only have 7 months left! I think OH DANG I only have 15 months left, let’s GO elder!

Martin De la Cruz
Last week I didn’t have a chance to send you guys pictures so this week I got you some good ones haha about 26 or so lets see. Some of those were from a very exiting adventure we all had. The first two are from my last day in Santa Elena visiting with the De la Cruz family, and the second is a picture of when Martin was back in the Army being all buff holding a chain gun and wearing gun belts...that’s my convert! We spent a lot of time there that night looking at everyone’s baby pictures and getting ready to miss them like family.

Alright for this adventure. Tuesday, the day after I emailed you we did service in Canalitos with the rest of the zone chopping up with machetes. After all was chopped we walked around the property a bit and there was a path going down the side of a big foresty mountain. We felt very adventurous and went down. At the bottom there was a little passage way with a cave and everything. It was the jungle adventure I’d been waiting for since receiving my call over a year ago, it was amazing! There were even bats in the little cave. I hope to do more of that kind of stuff up north when I go.


* Tell us about your new area and your new companion
Last week I told you all about my comp and area, Elder Marquez, and Lomas Del Norte. It’s a very rich area that’s very hard to contact but theirs a lot of members there and a ward mission leader. Even the bishop seems pretty cool. Me and Elder Marquez laugh a ton and always are joking around but working so hard! Saturday when we were contacting when trying to find investigators we started laughing so hard that we actually had to stop and sit down for a couple of minutes.

* How are your shoes? Are they fixed?
No I haven’t done anything about my shoes but hopefully I’ll have a good opportunity tomorrow.

* Do you have any new investigators?
New investigators we taught one and he even came to church on Sunday. We put a baptismal date with him even. His name is Hugo. Besides him we only have so-so possibilities.

Well I’m going to use some time trying to work photos so I’ll end here. Love you all and pray for you every day and night, hope you all have a good thanksgiving! Christmas is just around the corner!

Elder Bronson


  1. Yay for his jungle experience! Even complete with bats! He looks so much more grown up already. I am so glad that he is having a great companionship this change. He seems so very happy!

  2. I didn't have my long awaited for jungle experience until I got to my last area, a year or so into the mission. I will never forget it! I'm happy Andrew got to go to a beautiful place :D