Monday, June 14, 2010

Please pray for us!

Well I haven’t received any packages; it usually takes about three week for ANYTHING including just little dearelders to get here, were kinda in the middle of Central American nowhere. I’m exited for that super package! Especially for those pop tarts.. I will thoroughly enjoy those....

Well the work has been slow; I still don’t have a single baptism! We have a couple people interested, especially Hermana (Sister) Lety and her family. We asked them to pray to know if what we were saying about baptism is true, she was speaking to my companion about it while we were doing some service for her and I didn’t hear but apparently she got an answer. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to ask more about it so I guess that will be a surprise. Oh please please please...

Yeah this area just needs some serious work, specially the ward. I’m happy as ever to do the work of the Lord but the ward isn’t willing to put in their effort, and just us 2 can’t support it by ourselves. We haven’t received a single reference from them in what may be 4 months.  Not fun.  Plus the bishop is.. I guess feeling unworked or something? I didn’t really understand but I think he’s mad that we don’t have any less active members or investigators showing up for church, and that we have no baptisms. Ummm yeah about that bishop. WE NEED YOUR HELP TOO.  Nobody is willing to reach out to help anybody else and we are working as hard as we can to find and teach, but we can’t do everything. What we need are serious, interested investigators, families, but we can’t find them, so help us out. PLEASE.

I’m fine personally, happy as ever. Always thinking about Christ and always studying to know what next to teach. I know that sometimes, even when you are doing all that you can, the Lord will speed his work in his own time, so I’ll be diligent, and keep trying. My companion on the other hand is feeling a bit down, and that’s not a good thing. If he doesn’t work than I can’t work either.

I would ask for you all to please pray for us to have success here, that the people will open their hearts and listen. I know that if you do the Lord will bless these people, and you. Please add me and my companion, Elder Vargas to your prayers. I also ask that you would pray as families, having scripture study with your family also.

I love you all so very much and I pray for you all always, remember that.

Elder Bronson

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  1. Great attitude for a difficult situation. I will certainly add Elder Bronson and his companion in my prayers!!
    Laurie Marquis
    MM Brandon Marquis
    Quetz 2/10-12