Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things are the same

Hmmmm so far this change has been going a bit slower, my comp is still not always the friendliest guy but he works hard and so it’s easier for me to do so also. I feel Spanish is coming more and more and it’s a good feeling, though I'm so far from perfect. It seems like nobody can understand what I’m saying when I ask questions. The grammar is so darn different that it makes it hard to think of what to say and say it well.

Sorry for not emailing yesterday, we had a surprise zone meeting that lasted ALL DAY dang it was long and a bit dry but we were able to power though it haha. Things are the same here always. Warm, grey with a little green. Every storm is a crazy lightning storm and there is at least one off in the distance somewhere at all times. I can’t wait to send you guys some pictures.

I’m exited for that package, who knows what kind of wonders it may hold... I’m missing home a lot but I know I can’t leave. Some days it hits me that I already have 4 months. I only get 2 years to do this and then ITS OVER. Other days it like... I have 2 more years of this..? But those feeling pass quickly. I really hope to see more of Guatemala I’m getting honestly tired of where I am. Here it’s all just broken concrete streets and broken concrete houses full of people who don’t want anything, but sill I am diligent in my studies and in my searching. I think this area just needs a new senior companion to start things over. We are nearly out of good investigators and it seems like no one can keep an appointment.
Enough complaining back to seriousness.

I’m losing an incredible amount of weight my belt I’ve been using is on its lowest notch and its not really helping my pants at all! Lots of walking. Speaking of lots of walking I’m exited to hear about trek! I wish I could go on trek. It seemed a bit long to walk at the time but now it seems like a normal day. Easy haha.

Well I love you all very much and I pray for you every night. Be safe, be smart, love each other and pray and read often ok?

I want to refer you to a passage of scripture I found about a day or so ago.  Mosiah 2, the last verse in the chapter. It begins with something about the blessed and happy state of some people who do something ;) haha

LOVE YOU ALL Elder Bronson


  1. I like your new blog. I added you to my son's blog. Hope that is ok!

  2. My favorite part is when he talks about how he misses home and thinks about how he's only been out 4 months, and then realizes that he only gets 2 years of this. That is just amazing :) The Lord is really proud of him and I can tell he loves what he's doing! Thanks for creating this blog Tammy! It's good :) Thanks for the posts! I love hearing from him!

  3. Your blog looks great Tamsin! I added a link to it on Dave's blog--hope that's ok--if not, let me know. It is so fun to "get to know" all of these great GCN missionaries!