Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun times with Elder Smith

Haha oh wow I was looking at the pictures until I got to Ethan’s wedding announcement. When I get back he’ll be all married and stuff...ewww (=

Well divisions with Elder Smith were fantastic! Not to complain about my companion; it was a totally different experience for many good reasons. Honestly it felt more like a sleep over with a best friend than missionary work but we pulled it off very well. He was holding on to my package from Vickie with the beef jerky and cookies and he had some music from home, some calm peaceful...LORD OF THE RINGS I was about to die. It was amazing. Well as for the work with us two the difference was real and was big. Unlike when I am with Elder Vargas I felt the spirit testify of our words and I felt it so strong it gave me a desire for the work I was incredibly disappointed when night came. I WANTED to contact I WANTED to teach instead of having to constantly remotivate myself after everything. Our time was cut short too because earlier that day we had interviews with the President that lasted forever, and the next morning was taken up by district meeting so our time was just that one night...and was completely INCREADIBLE I was very disappointed to have to work with my actual companion after that I was feeling a little down and didn’t talk nearly as much, his approach is so different it just doesn’t work for me.

Another Elder is having the same problem with his companion. His name is Elder Anhder and he is another of my very,very good friends from the MTC in Guatemala. He has a Latino companion too and apparently he’s having such a hard time he is seriously considering going home. I have been emailing him a lot lately trying to keep him motivated about the work and promising things will get better. Companion changes are next week. I could be off to Coban or Petén! IN THE JUNGLE or I could be here another 6 months in the land of hard concrete homes and harder hearts. I don’t want to complain, ever, but this area is just so difficult its dragging me down a bit. ANYWAY

Hopefully today we will be off to buy a Cobeja (Bed Cover) and I pulled money out of my card for it, just to be safe and incase there is some other incredibly I cant miss buying this type objects of great desire there, I pulled out 300 Quetzales (which in America is about $37.50) I would have pulled out less but you can only go by 100´s. I sharpened my machete the other day, but its still not sharp at all near enough for service...I told you I got a machete right? Well if I didn’t I did so haha. The machetes themselves can be bought here for as little as 10 or 20 Quetzales! That is like 2 or three bucks for a SWORD. The incredibly amazing descriptive Lamanite style case was a bit more; but fully worth it...I’ll send pic´s when I can.

So work otherwise goes well here I hope you guys have fun in Oceanside without me...we need to go the year I come back alright? Plan on it.

OH MAN I nearly forgot to ask you something REALLY important. I'm deathly curious about who else in our family has served a mission and some of THEIR experiences. Please anybody in the family who knows some or has some send me word! I want to know it would be so cool!!

So Trent was interested about hearing about my mission or was missing me? Tell him I miss him too, he randomly shows up in half of my dreams doing weird things. If he wants I could possibly email him from time to time. I have a favor to ask of you mama, could you find out what some of my friends are up to? I’ve been thinking about a certain friend for a bit lately his name is Alex; I kind of want to know how he’s doing, if I recall he told me once that he was planning to serve.

Well I love you all so very much and I really wish and pray you the best of everything. Have an amazing time at trek you boys you don’t know how much I wish I could join you, with all the walking I do here it would be a breeze haha. It really was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. Keep up the good work at home, love each other and pray and read your scriptures together every day, ok? Do it for me..?


Elder Bronson

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