Monday, June 21, 2010

Donut Deliveries


It’s nice to see its warm enough to swim! That’s on the list of things to do after I get back, better not think of it now haha. You guys are really starting to look different it’s surprising what can happen in only under 5 months. That’s all my companion has left, 5 months and he’s out. He reminds me of it every time we see and airplane.

The work is alright this week. No investigators made it to sacrament meeting though, which is a bummer. Hermana Lety is an interesting subject of which I'm not sure what to think. interested-not interested-interested again, prayed to know-and now I’m not sure. She has a problem... she’s not married. And she has kids! You can’t get baptized if you don’t follow the law of chastity, and so far from the 4 months my companion has been working with her she doesn’t seem to have any desire at all to get married. I hope something works out on that subject. As for the ward we haven’t been getting to many more referrals but they seem to be warming up to us. We did an activity just me and my comp where we MADE DONUTS. It’s an interesting process. We then went to each members home, sang a hymn and gave them donuts. The funny part was we would always start by saying we had a huge problem, if they could help us and if we could come in and talk to them. It was incredible to see their reactions. On almost every face you could see ¨OH MAN the missionaries are in trouble! What can I do?!¨ One of the members pulled out his car keys and asked if we needed to go somewhere. Some where relieved when we pulled out the donuts and exclaimed that we just had way too many donuts to eat ourselves and thus needed their help. Some seem to actually be almost disappointed that that was all we needed help with. It was a fun thing to see their love and care though.

We’ve been doing a lot more contacting lately because all of our older investigators seem to be losing interest no matter how much we visit and teach, I don’t know if its our fault or theirs but Hermana Nataly is very obviously done seeing us, and Hma.s Rosa and Martha are really into the lessons are very faithful but never attend church. Elder Smith seems to be having plenty of success though and I’m happy for him. Tomorrow we will be doing something interesting. We are going to do splits with both the Elders´ Smith. My comp with his and me with my friend. The problem is that neither of us is perfectly fluent in the language quite yet so hopefully things will work out. I know that the Lord will bless us with understanding if we are honest in our work. Overall I’m really exited it will really be a learning experience, and a chance to see a different area.

All seems well here besides that, lots of prayer, lots of work lots of spirit and so I am happy. As for interesting souvenirs...yeah. I bought a machete. I couldn’t help myself! I was only 80 quetzales! (10 bucks) once I can send pics I will but it is NICE. The case is decorated Lamanite style and the blade is long and strong. I heard that you can buy just the machete for as little at 20 quetzales, which are nearly a good whopping 2 and a half dollars! A really, really real machete for all your machete needs for 2 bucks. It’s about 6 bucks or more for a cheep plastic sword back home haha. Apparently I got Aunt Vickie’s dear elder package but right now the mail system is a little out of wack so I might be receiving it today or tomorrow from Elder Smith.

I’ve been forgetting to mention that I got Shane’s Spanish letter, I got it about 2 weeks ago haha. It’s actually really funny some of the translations on it. The word at the end Shane used for prayer, the one that started with an R meant liek the chanting of nuns or something.  Prayer in Spanish is orar, to pray or oracion prayer. We pray is oramos, and we WILL pray is oraremos. Confusing? Its different that English. In English you don’t have to conjugate verbs, but that’s the soul focus of Spanish. Instead of saying everything in a bunch of little words you all conjugated it into a longer one. One of my favorites is we were working = trabajabamos. Haha from the verb trabajar, drop the ar at the end and put abamos for that type of past tense

Transfers for us are in about two weeks, I think on the 5th of July.  It will be interesting to see who my new companion is and where I will be. I could stay here, Elder Vargas could stay here or we could both go to new areas. I’m hoping to go to some place crazy and exotic like Coban, where it’s such a think jungle that you are allowed to have machetes! I CAN’T WAIT TO BE OUT IN THE JUNGLES. It’s what I imagined when I first got my call.

Just so you know I might be pulling out a bit of money today from my credit card to see if I can buy a cobeja, or in English a bed cover.  I’m not sure how much they are but 200 quetzales is 25 bucks and I can only pull 100s at a time from the atm. my shoes are fine, hopefully they will last a bit longer. The weather here has been very nice as of these last few days. It rained a bit, clearing all the nasty pollution and then the clouds parted and the sun came out. I was a Guatemala summer. Blue skies instead of rain, warm sun instead of constant gray.  Its rainy season here so sometimes we go days without seeing the sun.

I hope everything goes well at home, I’m always praying for all of you.  Hope your weather is really nice and your father’s day was a blast. I love you all and pray for the best, work hard, be smart, be safe, read the scriptures and be awesome.


Elder Andrés Santiago Bronson

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  1. I love his humble and cute personality. What a great idea with the doughnut deliveries. Clever boys!! I'm excited to hear more about his experience with Jordan when they go on splits tomorrow. So cute that he keeps tabs on him. It sounds like they are becoming very close friends. You're so luck that he write such great detailed letters.