Monday, July 5, 2010

My eyes were red with spiritual tears

ALRIGHT let’s see if I can get some pictures to you guys! I'm sure you’re exited to hear that. I do have a bit of bad news...I can’t find my first memory card! Oh snap! I filled one memory card completely already and am on my second of 3, but I can’t find my first! The first has my sunset pictures mom so you might have to wait a week until I find it or wait until I find more sunsets! Lo siento. I have 322 pictures on this card right now, 2 of which I think or super short movie clips. Hurray

Some good news?? We have transfers today!! I’m no longer with elder Vargas (It was about time for a change too...oy...) now my companions name is Elder Bowman, North American born in Hawaii and recently before his mission moved to Texas. Went to BYU and likes pizza. I don’t know him all to well, I just met him this morning, but so far as I can see we are going to get along 100 times better than I did with Elder Vargas. I’m still in the same area, the capital. The area is called Juana De Arco (Juan of Arch).

As for juicy bits about my mission?

Hmmm I did divisions with Elder Smith’s companion...Elder Smith. I swear I've never met someone so incredibly spiritual. Coming into the mission I expected all the missionaries to be super obedient and focused on Christ, but in my very first district meeting there was talk of halo, football, and who knows what else. Not until I met Elder Smith did I met someone who really has lost himself for the work.  Lost himself for Christ. Within the first half hour of working with him my eyes were red with spiritual tears. The entire day we followed the inspiration of the spirit and were led to those who where ready to hear more. One woman was a devout catholic and she only opened her door about 3 inches to talk to us. we were about to say goodbye when Elder Smith asked if she knew anyone else who was sick or afflicted, need help or would be interested in our message. I don’t know what all happened but the spirit did something. She opened her door, was completely receptive and actually asked us for an appointment to talk to her again. Wow. Just a bit after, we were contacting on the street when we came across a family sitting on a park bench. We were impressed to talk to them. The contact turned into a discussion of about 40 minutes, including questions about the word of wisdom, Joseph Smith, prophets, church, tithing and in the end we gave them a Book of Mormon with a pamphlet marking a page to read (I don’t remember the page). They were exited to come to church the day or so after also.

The next day I had the most spiritual study session of my time here. I shared many stories and examples with him and him to me. At one point I was so overcome with the spirit I broke down for about 4 minutes trying to get my breath back.

Dang sorry I don’t have any time left so I want to say that I love you guys all so very much I hope the pray the best for your. Remember how important it is to do the small things like church and prayer.

Stay safe; love each other like Jesus loves you.

Elder Bronson

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  1. Wow.. very spiritual. I'm so proud of him!!