Saturday, July 31, 2010

Letter dated June 30, 2010, The most delicious rice ever

My beloved family,

Woohoo you have received yet another letter from your soldier from the front. Though the adversary has a strong grip upon this piece of land we continue valiantly to fight for the cause of righteousness. Your provisions have been help and from the frontlines of good vs. evil we give thanks and salute you.

I’m not quite sure why I’m so happy and energetic today but it’s great. Every single ounce more of the Spirit makes life 100 X’s better. Another thing that makes life far more enjoyable is finding humor in random circumstances. Today I finally bought a bed cover and it was exactly what I was hoping for. One with tigers on it in remembrance of Brandyn and all his awesomeness. I was enjoying the new look and feel of my bed when beginning to write this letter, and in came Elder Vargas “compa!” I had enough time to look up as a blanket got me in the face. The members above us heard I needed a blanket so they bought me and my companion blankets. (to be returned later) Mine is pink and purple…with puppies on it! I spread it out on my bed, stood for a second, and burst out laughing! The thing is all the puppies look like Charly! Hmm, puppies and tigers…Elder Bronson all summed up.

About packages, I am just finishing up the last craver’s cookies from Aunt Vickie’s package and am tomorrow or Wednesday, going to possibly get your guy’s. Qu’e divertido (what fun). Packages and letters are like motivational fuel for missionaries, a week or more without them is a sad thing, truly tragic. Another Elder in our zone, Elder Davis said that eventually people will forget you. Sad day…you guys won’t forget your soldier far from home will you??

I’m really having a hard time thinking of what might help you guys in 3 weeks. Maybe an excerpt from my journal? June 25, 2010: I just made the most delicious rice ever known to man…it’s really easy to make too. You start by taking your 3rd world propane-and-match stove. Put a little cooking oil in your pot, add rice according to your hunger and/or body-mass index, stir, add water about 2x’s higher than the rice. Let soak, stirring and adding seasonings. Later, add your love, apple and whatever else slices (ham and onion is great all diced up). Let cook until water has all been soaked up. Eat like a pig. Enjoy thoroughly…other ingredients include bouillon cubes, salt, pepper, all-around seasoning, love and a little prayer. In a later journal I tried the same again for my world famous “apple-rice” I started by cooking up the apple slices (all cubed up), onion chops and ham slices in butter and cinnamon. Apple goes well with cinnamon. And rice surprisingly. This idea to put apple chunks in my rice was a spur of the moment creativity impulse. I had apple slices on my plate as my plain boring rice was cooking. The idea to add something hit me…but what? Would apple make the rice taste better? Heck, why not find out. I decided to keep the momentum going and added ham. In the end it was SO GOOD because of the apple that even though I was stuffed beyond healthy, I was wishing I made more. You guys should try it (the rice part, not the eating an unhealthy amount of food).

I’ve been learning a lot of cooking skill since the beginning of my mission. If there is anything Elder Vargas is good at, it’s cooking. Maybe after my mission I will cook for you guys, maybe.

As always, I hope things are well at home, by the time you get this you guys might already had your vacations, hope those were great. Fun and/or tropical perhaps? Remember to thank the Lord in all things for you have many. Pour your soul out to him in personal prayer and in family prayer also. The Lord listens and will answer faith with many blessings. Love you all so very much,

Elder Bronson

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